Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Powered Loudspeaker (1000 Watts, 1x12")

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Bring 1000 watts of power to the gig with EV's under-35-pound ZLX-12P active loudspeaker. An easy-to-use LCD screen helps you dial in DSP presets fast.

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12P powered loudspeakers go above and beyond most of the other powered speakers on the market. First of all, they deliver an astonishing 1,000 watts of power in a unit weighing less than 35 pounds. This makes gigging with them easier and more manageable than with just about any other powered speaker. They also come with well-designed onboard DSP that allows you to make precision adjustments to your sound -- right on the speaker itself!

Mighty Bi-Amp Output

Each ZLX-12P is a true 2-way bi-amp design, driving 1,000 watts between the woofer and tweeter cone. The 12-inch low frequency woofer is an EVS-12K, specially-designed to deliver a low end that is tight and clearly defined even when pushing out maximum volumes. The 1.5-inch DH-1K high-frequency transducer is a titanium compression driver. The speakers benefit hugely from the authentic Class-D amp design in the ZLX-12P, which allows the amplifier to use power far more efficiently than an AB switching system, eliminating much of the heat gain common in other powered speakers.

Cleverly Integrated DSP Interface

The ZLX-12P comes with onboard QuickSmart DSP that not only adds great-sounding signal processing, but is also incredibly simple to use. Rather than presenting an additional bank of knobs or switches, the DSP onboard the ZLX-12P is simply activated by holding down the Volume knob. Menu items then appear on the LCD control screen and can be navigated by turning the knob. This gives you read more control over Mode and Speaker Location, allowing you to customize the frequency balance and dynamic range of the speaker for Music, Live, Speech, or Club applications. It also allows you to tweak the speakers for use as a Personal Monitor, or to specify output for a Pole or Bracket mount-type situation. Treble, Bass, and Sub outputs are also accessible via the DSP, along with 5 user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters -- so you can optimize your ZLX speakers to fit your style and and space.

Versatile Ins and Outs for Any Situation

The ZLX-12P's I/O is straightforward and useful. 2 x XLR/TRS inputs, and 1 x XLR output allows you send to balanced sound to and from the speaker, so you can daisy chain other ZLX-12Ps when desired. A handy 1/8-inch auxiliary input allows you to run an external stereo supply from an iPod or similar sound source.


- Custom-built 1000-W Class-D bi-amplified design
- 12-inch woofer
- 1.5 inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
- DSP control with presets for Use Type and Speaker Orientation
- LCD display for DSP control
- Input level meters
- Independent amplifier control
- Lightweight at 34.3 pounds
- Super-durable Polypropylene case
- 18 Gauge Steel grille
- Integrated pole mount cups
- Patented split-baffle design
- Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
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- Power: 1000 W (Class D)
- SPL: 126 dBmax SPL
- Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
- Woofer: 12 inch woofer
- Tweeter: 1.5 inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
- Mounting: 1-3/8" (35 mm) pole-mount socket
- Weight: 34.3 lbs (15.6 kg)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-289-0096

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Powered Speaker

Designed to give you power and performance beyond the scope of other small-format loudspeakers, Electro Voice ZLX-12P powered loudspeakers are the standout among speakers designed for smaller-venue sound reinforcement or stage-monitoring. For the power you need at your gigs, the ZLX offers the best features in its price range.

The powered ZLX models cut through the competition with the most complete and innovative package of features in their class -- all of which work together to make it quicker and easier than ever to take control of your sound, whatever the show.

ZLX: Take Control

With ZLX, Electro-Voice set out with a singular goal: to deliver best-in-class performance across every detail. ZLX combines decades of proven pro-audio engineering know-how with a bold look and user-friendly features that give you an extraordinary amount of control over your sound -- all with the renowned EV quality and reliability the pros trust.


- 12-inch woofer and 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
- LCD display and unique single-knob DSP control with presets -- quickly optimize ZLX to suit your performance style and space
- Input level meters and independent amplifier control- ensure optimal gain structure in seconds
- Custom-built 1000-W Class-D amplifier for best-in-class sound
- Lightweight, 34.3 lbs, super-durable composite construction
- Unique hi/lo grip design for effortless pole mounting and portability
- Patented split-baffle design for superior driver time alignment and enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility

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Submitted January 14, 2014 by Tyler Patterson in Pataskala , OH
"Impressive. "
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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The first thing I noticed is the speakers arrived very quickly un damaged and very well packed. My first listening experience was a several hour session in my living room. I played back a variety of different program material to see how they might behave later on. The first thing that caught my attention were how un-hyped the highs were. They sound very flat, not harsh like one might expect for a speaker in this price range. The menu was easy to navigate and the eq section can take them from mild to wild. Like others have said the monitor setting isn't very attractive sounding and after on show I took it off that setting. I use these as monitors primarily, and if I had one complaint it would be the 55 degree angle. I do a lot of work on shallow stages and I get dome complaints about the angle, 60 degrees would make these untouchable in this range. Last Friday night towards the end of the night the venue emptied out so I decided to go up on stage and get a good listen. I was totally blown away. The mix was great. I would have rather listened to the monitor mix than the house mix. Like anyone reading these reviews I was hesitant and was considering another inexpensive brand. I have one of their 15 inch powered speakers doing drum wedge work. I can honestly say they aren't in the same league, not even close. If I had sum these up with one word at this price point, it would be "untouchable."

The sound is solid, I thought they really came into read more their own playing rock music though.

The menu adds some very useful features such as input metering. This made setting them up for monitoring a snap. I have also found the eq section to be handy for a broad brush type of setting.

Ease of Use
I believe that even those with limited knowledge could have these dialed in in no time at all. The manual is very good and easy to understand.

For a composite cab they seem to be well made and the rubber footing on the monitor side should keep them from getting scratched. The Behringer cab looked like it had done 50 shows after only one show. Like one other reviewer mentioned it would be nice to have the handle up when in monitor position. Otherwise the three handles make handling a breeze. Carrying two at a time is not an issue. Oh, buy the covers they are well made and in the end you will be glad you did!

Well worth the money!

Manufacturer Support
Haven't needed to contact them.

The Wow Factor
These are a very sexy looking cabinet. They have gotten a lot of compliments.

Musical Background:
Sound Man

Musical Style:
All styles
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