DOD 250 Analog Overdrive Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
This analog overdrive pedal is great for adding some warm grit or a major dB boost to your tone when you need it -- like during a solo or a super-heavy riff.

The legendary analog DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is back, with over 40 years of history and experience behind it. The legendary DOD 250 captures all of the classic tone and wild heart of the original but in no way tames its performance. The 250 is better than ever before with true bypass, a crisp blue LED indicator, gobs of output, and modern 9V DC power supply input. Redesigned with a lighter aluminum chassis, sleek yellow metallic flake and flat black matte bottom paint job, the 2013 DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 pedal is the perfect sonic foundation to carry on the legacy of DOD.

The DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 has Gain and Level controls, like its predecessors. Gain controls the amount of distortion, from just a touch of grit to all-out grind. Level dials in some subtle body for "always on" performance or huge amounts of boost for boosting solos above a dense stage mix. With the Gain all the way down, crank up the Level to boost your sound and cut through during your solos. True bypass allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when the DOD 250 is off. This is a big difference from the original which would color your bypassed tone. The modern 9V DC power supply input make the pedal more pedalboard friendly.

Get a closer look at the updated DOD Overdrive Preamp 250:


- Legendary analog overdrive tone
- True bypass
- 9V DC power supply jack
- Crisp blue status LED
- Lighter aluminum chassis

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 801-566-8800