Dean V Metalman Electric Bass

Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Shipping Weight: 11.25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 55 x 20 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): VMM
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 813-600-3920
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Submitted November 26, 2007 by a customer from
"My personal favorite bass, dimebag would be proud"
i probubly never get rid of it or replace it, i would definetly replace it if something bad were to happen to it, the only thing i probubly ever do to it is upgrade the pickups

No guitar is perfect to me thats why i give it a nine, Im into alternative/hard rock and all metal and it's subgenres, it definetly is one of the best basses ive got my hands on, just because it's cheap doesnt mean it's a crappy bass, i truly enjoy the nice sound and 'pop' it gives, i also run it threw a digitech overdrive/distortion and it has great metal growls!

im not really sure wat type of wood it's made of but it does have a rosewood finger board forsure, it has a soapbar style pick up

Ease of Use
definetly easy to use standing up, i like to put it as low as i can to make easy downstrokes with my pick, i cant stand playing sitting down honestley, its not that you cant, it's just extremely awkword, it works great with drop tuning but i use mostley standered, overall it is has great playability only standing up

this guitar is extremely sturdey and i have no complaints, the paint is flawless and the wood is very smooth, i would definetly use this on stage, a couple nipples on the pickups seem like they will eventually corrode but the one i have is at least a year old and i just bought it a month ago, obviously my friend didnt take care of the apparent mosture read more build up on the pickups, so i dont think anyone should have a problem with the corosion if they take care of it

i paid $175 used and it was almost flawless so $200 is a great deal for a new one

Manufacturer Support
im sure if i had a problem, dean would be great, if dimebag trusted the company so do i, if your into metal and dont know who darrel dimebag is your not worthy to own the metalman or any dean

The Wow Factor
this thing is sooo sexy, i absolutley wanted this bass before i even played it, if your like me and love metal, this is your bass, i just love the classic flying v, and that beutiful dean v stlye headstock, i think this is one of the greatest looking bass i have personally ever seen

Musical Background:
active muscician

Musical Style:
alternative/hard rock/all kinds of metal:Death,Metal Core, Black Metal/Funk/Blues/Jazz
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