DigiTech Vocal 300 Vocal Effects Processor Pedalboard

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From flattering reverbs to frightening distortion, this vocal effects floor processor has it all -- including an expression pedal. Plug in an XLR mic and go!
DigiTech proudly introduces the Vocal 300, an affordable Vocal Effects Processor with a built-in expression pedal. Equipped with multiple mic preamp types, the Vocal 300 is ideal for both warm classic vocals or cutting edge distortion and lo-fi styles. The exclusive voice "characters" transform your voice from the scariest of monsters to spacey alien beings. The Vocal 300 comes with 38 fully programmable studio quality effects (up to 7 effects at once). The built-in expression pedal can be assigned to control your choice of up to 3 parameters in real-time. Each effect includes up to 4 adjustable parameters, giving you total flexibility to create the sound you want. The 6 character alphanumeric and 2 character numeric displays, combined with the 4-knob matrix editing system, provide a simple straightforward user interface.

The Vocal 300 also includes 40 great sounding Factory Presets and 40 User Presets for your own custom creations. The rear panel features a 1/8 in. CD input for singing along with your favorite music, a 1/4 in. unbalanced input, a balanced XLR input, a balanced XLR mono output, a 1/8 in. TRS stereo line output, and a 1/8 in. headphone output.


- 7 effects at once
- Up to 4 fully programmable parameters per effect
- 24-bit A/D/A converter
- Balanced XLR input and output
- Line input
- 1/4 in. TRS stereo line output
- Expression pedal with read more V-Switch
- Simple user interface
- 6-digit alphanumeric display
- 2-digit numeric display
- Rugged metal chassis
- 40 user/40 factory presets
- Power supply included

Effects List

- Mic pre & voice characters
- Compression
- EQ
- Noise Gate
- Chorus
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Tremolo
- Vibrato
- Strobe
- Doubler
- Envelope
- Pixelator
- Detune
- Pitch Shifter
- Whammy
- Digital Delay
- Analog Delay
- Ping-pong Delay
- 8 Reverb types
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- Inputs: 1/4" TS and XLR
- Outputs: Stereo 1/4" TRS and Mono XLR
- Headphone: 1/8" TRS
- CD Input: 1/8" TRS
- A/D/A: 24-bit
- Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
- Simultaneous Effects: Up to 7
- Effects: Mic pre and voice characters, compression, EQ, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, strobe, doubler, envelope, pixelator, detune, pitch, Whammy, digital delay, analog delay, ping-pong delay, 8 reverb types
- Memory Capacity: 40 User/40 Factory
- Power Requirements: 9VAC, 1.3A (PS0913B Included)
- Power Consumption: 10 Watts
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.5 x 13 x 2.25 in.
- Weight: 3.76 lbs.

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Power Supply: PS0913B (Included)
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 801-566-8800
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Submitted April 28, 2010 by a customer from aol.com
"The Purple Magic Box"
The negative thing about this unit is the feedback issue. The gain already at 25% is pushing the limit. The reason I am satisfied with this unit is because with experimentation you can minimize the feedback. In the small handful of sounds you can make this unit sound good by tweaking the EQ, using the de-esser wisely and using some FX sparingly that sounds good to your ear. I have even tested TC Voice Tone pedals and come back to this purple magic box. Where can you buy a gear for this price that has so many features? My jouney to control my own vocal sound came about after many years dealing with incompetent live mix engineers. I found out that many "schooled" mix engineers really do not know what a good vocal should sound. The crafted singers in the end have a better concept of good sound, but sometimes they lack the technical jargon to explain it. What good is a soundman that has Lexicons and TC Electronic gear if he does not have discernment how to use it? Now I am not claiming that the Vocal 300 can even compete in the level of the brands fore mentioned, but what I am saying is that I am a seasoned musician that can make a cheap unit sound better than a soundman that does not know what he is doing. Obviously I do not use this gear in a festival or large venues, but have on occasion use it in a large venue when I heard how the soundman totally screwed up the vocal mix of the previous band that played before me. The key to this gear is know your settings read more and stick with a one kind of dynamic microphone you are going to use, and you will be fine.

Sounds like Cyborg, Chipmunk, are useless. Matter a fact majority of the presets sound amateurish, and should never be used unless you are doing a skit in the comedy club. but there are a small handful of sounds that is worth it's salt.

Can't complain when it comes to features. Where can you buy an FX processor for such a low price that include EQ, Pre-Amp, FX, De-Esser and a pedal that you can assign for multi functions?

Ease of Use
The learning curve is not hard compared to other units, but it does take a bit of time to know the gear. The manual is clear. Now I have given this section a 5 not because of it's learning cure, but rather on it's ability to find sounds that are good in a professional setting. This gear is not a plug play situation. It's a hot unit that has tendency to feedback.

It's strong, but after using it for more than a 100 gigs I found that the pedal does not work, and that at rare occasions some bugs pop up. To DigiTech credit I have hauled this thing pretty roughly on the road and it still works.

Good value for what you pay.

Manufacturer Support
I gave it a 5 cause I did not have to contact the company yet.

The Wow Factor
Sex Appeal? I do not know how to answer this effectively. It looks cool in a purple. The design could have some improvements, but that is about it.

Musical Background:
Active Musican

Musical Style:
Rock, Pop
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