DigiTech Death Metal Distortion Pedal

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Get painful amounts of crushing distortion from this Death Metal Distortion Pedal. Level, Low, Mid, and High tone controls off you to shape your tone.

The legendary Death Metal pedal is by far the most extreme distortion you will ever hear. Simply put, DigiTech has turned the gain up to 'eleven' and ripped the knob off. Level, Low, Mid, and High tone controls provide flexible tone shaping, so even though this distortion is over the top, your guitar is guaranteed to cut through.


Level boosts the output level of your guitar signal.

Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies.

Mid adjusts boost and cut of midrange frequencies.

High adjusts boost and cut of high frequencies.

Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for a mic'd up amp tone when connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 801-566-8800

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (165 ratings)
Submitted March 30, 2010 by a customer from beacon.surrey.sch.uk
"A Creation of Brutality"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I expect to remain satisfied with this product for the foreseeable future. I would not change anything about this pedal, but maybe the installation of a memory bank would be quite a good idea.

This pedal holds the key to a phenominal distortion sound - whether you are into bands like Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Dark Funeral, or Carnifex, this pedal can cover a wide range of metal sounds to suit your needs! The three tone controls permit full control over your sound to create your very own signature metal guitar tone. Whether used through a mixer or an amp, this pedal is well worth the money!

The tone controls allow a change in genre if so desired. The low dial permits a more death metal to deathcore sound whereas the mid and hi controls permit a more black metal to metalcore sound. For any aspiring metalhead, the gain from this pedal can enhance your guitar set-up either in the studio or on stage. The only negative point, which is to be expected with all guitar pedals, is the lack of memory bank to store presets - which can be problematic when trying to recall that killer tone.

Ease of Use
This pedal boasts care-free operation. It is very easy to use - four dials with an on/off footswitch. To engage the distortion, simply press the pedal and to bypass the unit, press the pedal again. The dials are level and tone controls - which are easily editable. read more

This product can stand quite a lot. It is a dependable unit that is very well made and there are no worries about deterioration after a year of ownership.

This pedal is a bargain and well worth the money!

Manufacturer Support
Digitech are willing to support if there are any queries or problems - although I have never had the need to use the service.

The Wow Factor
I would use this pedal above my set up of POD 2.0 or software distortion (Propellerhead Record). It is my number one choice!

Musical Background:
Hobbyist/Recording Engineer/Producer

Musical Style:
All styles - with specific focus on all types of metal
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