Daredevil Silver Solo Silicon Range Boost Pedal

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Kick your tube amp right into the sweet spot with the Silver Solo. This silicon treble booster juices your amp's front end while keeping the low end tight.

It's not like all the others. This boost has a tighter low end, sharper bite, and more output than the usual germanium Rangemaster clones. The Silver Solo is a redesigned version that uses Silicon transistors and a tone blending option to achieve its sweet spot. It accentuates dynamics and texture while increasing volume, pushing your tone through the mix when you need that extra cut.

You'll get more sustain and a sweet harmonic edge to each note. I use it for solos, but this one also works great for adding cut to your rhythm tone. The "Range" control adjusts which frequencies are pushed up. Fully "clockwise" is the classic bright/treble boost; sweeping it counterclockwise gradually includes low end until reaching a full- range boost.

Take a vintage Marshall and push the front end for earlier breakup. Add some beef to single coils, get ripping 80's metal tones, or brighten those vintage tweed amps like Billy Gibbons; this pedal does it all.

This type of boost effect was most notably heard on the first Sabbath album, Clapton's Bluesbreakers, T.Rex, and Queen albums; this is a secret weapon of great tone. The Silver Solo interacts with your guitar best when used first in the pedal chain.
This pedal can be run from an external DC supply or 9V battery.


- Silicon transistor "range"-style gain circuit
- Great as a boost or "always on" tone generator
- Variable EQ range & true bypass

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Email: DAREDEVILPEDALS@gmail.com

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Submitted February 27, 2023 by a customer from gmail.com

"Wished I’d bought one Sooner!"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I was always on the “Fence” about getting a “Treble Boost” but one I added the Silver Solo to my Pedal board I was really amazed by how much it helped my over all tone, plus the range on this pedal is great, can get a less aggressive Treble boost with Bottom end by Counter Clockwise on range knob, or a full Dallas Rangemaster bite by Max turn on Range, not to mention this pedal has A lot of Output! I have no previous experience with other Treble Boost pedals, so I can’t honestly make any comparison, I’m happy with this DareDevil handwired Treblebooster, love how inside back cover, it’s signed and dated
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