Crate FlexWave Half Stack with FW120H Amplifier Head and FW412A Guitar Cabinet

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This Crate FlexWave Half Stack will get you rocking in short order. With an FW120H head and an FW412A angled cabinet, the Crate FlexWave Half Stack rocks.

Crate's FlexWave Series reinvents the old-school solid state amp as a modern, fire-breathing tone monster capable of producing the saturated overdrive today's guitarists demand. FlexWave amps feature the remarkably responsive Evolution 5 preamp, as well as Sequential Cascading Gain technology for rich, articulate tone and playability, and Channel Tracking that remembers your effects settings when you switch between channels. Capable of producing a wide array of sounds from crystal clear cleans to white-knucle distortion, FlexWave proves there is no better value around.

Crate FlexWave FW120H Head

FlexWave120H head is the perfect stack top for the pro or semi-pro gigging musician who needs driving power, multiple channels and built-in effects. Its FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp uses Crate's patented Sequential Cascading Gain technology to pump 120-watts of fat, driving tone. Variable 3-channel operation allows you to switch among crystal clear clean, red hot overdrive and screaming high gain channels from the included remote footswitch. With DSP effects, Channel Tracking of effects settings, and Crate's proprietary Shape Control circuit for creating wicked custom leads. Suited perfectly to the Crate G412A/B 4x12 cabinets.

Crate FlexWave FW412A Angle Speaker Cabinet

Capture raw stereo power with the FW412A and FW412B speaker cabinets from Crate. Compatible with any Crate head, including the FlexWave120H, and designed for the next generation of rock players, these 4x12 in. read more cabs are available in slanted (FW412A) and straight (FW412B) models and can process everything from sparkling cleans to face-melting distortion. Their 120-watts of power handling operate in both Stereo or Mono at 4 or 8 ohms.

A Generation of Affordable Guitar Amps

More than 25 years of award-winning engineering prowess led Crate to develop the remarkably responsive FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp for its FlexWave Series combos and heads. Sequential Cascading Gain technology yields rich, articulate tone that is fully customizable with onboard effects. Get everything from crystal clear cleans to white-knuckle distortion. For sweet tone and roadworthy construction, there is simply no better value around.
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Flexwave FW120H Guitar Amp Head

- 3 channels
- 120 watts
- Evolution 5 preamp
- DSP effects
- Onboard tuner

FW412 Guitar Cabinet

- Compatible with all Crate heads
- 4x12" speakers
- 120W power handling
- Stereo or Mono operation
- 4 or 8 Ohms

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 866-858-5832

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"I'm just a Crate kinda guy!!!!!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I will ALWAYS play and endorse Crate. They have been good to me over the years and would be hard pressed to find a replacement.
I have ALWAYS used Crate amps and they have NEVER let me down. I currently run one head through two cabs and the stock tones this amp comes with are nothing short of great. Truthfully, I get my distortion from a Boss ME-20 floor pedal and tweaked the eq, shaping, and volume on that. THEN adjust the eq and volume on the head. If you feel this amp isnt loud enough, try adjusting the volume on your pedal, processor, etc, and then add volume on the head. not only will you keep your tone but you will gain more volume as well.
I do also use the clean channel and add some chorus and as usal, solid-state clean tones are the best.
Ease of Use
Like I said, I shpae my tone initially from my floor processor, THEN from the head.
Simply put, the head is made for the cab and the cab is made for the head. DO NOT try and put a tube head through the cab because it will be too much for the speakers to handle.
I bought the whole half stack for $500 at my local and an additional cab for $300 as well.
Manufacturer Support
I have yet to need ANY support with this setup and I have been playing through it for over 2 years.
The Wow Factor
I have always received compliments about my set up and the tone that I get so that says alot.

Musical Background:

Active Musician

Musical Style:

Progressive power speed thrash!!!!!
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