Casio WK-7600 Keyboard, 76-Key

Casio WK-7600 Keyboard, 76-Key

An update to Casio's hit WK-7500, the WK-7600 gives you 50 incredibly real drawbar organs, hundreds of fully tweakable sounds, 17-track sequencing and more!

Casio WK-3800 Electronic Keyboard

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With up to 894 tones, auto accompaniment and 166 rhythm styles, you'll never run out of possibilities with the WK-3800 from Casio.

The WK-3800 76 Key Musical Keyboard with touch response, allows you to select up to 894 tones that include orchestral sounds, synthesized sound and more. The Auto Accompaniment that will allow you to simply play a chord and the corresponding rhythms, bass and chord parts play automatically. A big LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings, keyboard keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play more informative and enjoyable than ever before.

The WK-3800 has 76 Full size keys with 400 DSP programmed Advanced Tones like stereo piano and Tremolo Electric Piano for a total of 620 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones. This powerful instrument features an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful 2-way bass reflex speakers to take your performance to the next level. This keyboard is ideal for home/project studio use, open-mic performance, education/classroom applications, or simply for pure musical enjoyment. Computer connectable via USB and also includes an SD card slot and floppy drive. AD-12 AC adaptor included.

Rich Advanced Tones
A total of 400 Advanced Tones are programmed with DSP tones to make them richer and more powerful. Advanced tones like Stereo Piano and Tremolo Electric Piano enhance the Piano and Electric Piano tones to create a totally new sound.

50 Drawbar Organ Tones
The keyboard includes 50 realistic drawbar organ tones. Drawbar organ tones can be controlled using nine read more digital drawbars. You can also select percussion or key click, and even edit the parameters of preset tone and save up to 100 original tones in user tone memory.

Flash Memory
Built-in Flash memory lets you expand your selection of tones and rhythms by downloading data from the CASIO MUSIC SITE, or by the CD-ROM that comes bundled with the keyboard. You can also store up to 200 SMF format music files for playback.

Piano Setting Button
The press of a button optimizes the keyboard setup for piano play.

166 Preset Rhythms + 16 User Rhythms
A selection of 166 rhythms includes accompaniments for everything from rock to pops and jazz.

You can also transfer accompaniment data from your computer and store up to 16 of them as user rhythms in keyboard memory.

Auto Accompaniment
Simply play a chord and the corresponding rhythm, bass and chord parts play automatically. One-touch Preset instantly recalls the most suitable tone and tempo settings to match the rhythm you are using.

Big, Information-packed Display
A big built-in display shows chord names, tempo setting, keyboard information, staff notation of notes played and more for full support of all your keyboard play. A built-in backlight keeps the display easy to read, even in total darkness.

Song Memory
Record up to 6 parts in memory, along with their tone, volume, pan position, and other parameters for later playback. Realistic ensemble play can also be created using the Auto Accompaniment function.

Synthesizer Mode
Edit built-in sounds to produce your own original creations. Up to 120 of your own sounds can be stored in memory for recall, just like the built-in tones.

General MIDI Compatibility
The General MIDI tones of this keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy "desktop music" capabilities. This keyboard can be used as a desktop music input device or sound source, and it's just the thing for playback of commercially available pre-recorded General MIDI music software.

Powerful Effects
A collection of powerful effects, such as DSP, reverb, chorus, and more, give you total control over the type of sound you want. You can change the parameters of an effect to create your own, original effects. A 4-band equalizer is also included.

Power Supply: AD-12 Power Cord (Included)
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- Keyboard: 76 keys with touch response (OFF/1/2/3)
- Tones: 400 Advanced Tones + 200 Preset Tones + 20 Drum Sets + 100 standard user tones + 20 user tones with waves*1 + 4 user drum sets with waves*1 + 50 drawbar organ tones + 100 user drawbar organ tones (894 tones total); layer/split
- Polyphony: 32 notes maximum (10 for certain tones)

Drawbar Organ Function
- Drawbars: 9 (16', 5 1/3', 8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1')
- Percussion: Second, Third
- Click: On, Off
- Effects: DSP (200 types: internal, 100 user areas) + Reverb (16 types) + Chorus (16 types) + Equalizer (10 types, 4 bands)

Auto Accompaniment
- Rhythm Patterns: 182 (internal, 16 user areas*1)
- Tempo: Variable (226 steps)
- Chords: 3 fingering methods (CASIO CHORD, FINGERED, FULL RANGE CHORD)
- Accomp Volume: 0 to 127 (128 steps)
- One-touch Presets: Recalls settings for tone, tempo, layer on/off, and harmonize on/off in accordance with rhythm
- Auto Harmonize: 10 types: Automatic addition of notes that harmonize with melody note in accordance with specified Auto Accompaniment chords

Memory Function
- Songs: 5
- Recording Tracks: 6 (2 through 6 are melody tracks)
- Recording Methods: Real-time, step
- Memory Capacity: Approximately 10,000 nots (total for 5 songs)
- Edit Function: Equipped
- Demo Tunes: 3

Registration Memory
- Number of Setups: 32 (4 setups x 8 banks)
- Memory Contents: Tone, Rhythm, Tempo, Layer on/off, Split on/off, Split point, Harmonize on/off, Mixer settings (Channels 1 to 10), Effect settings, Touch Response settings, Assignable jack setting, Transpose, Tuning, Accompaniment volume setting, Pitch bend range, Auto Harmonize type MODE button setting, Synchro standby state, Mixer Hold, DSP Hold, Synthesizer Mode parameters
- MIDI: 16 multi-timbre receive, GM Level 1 standard

Other Functions
- Pitch Band Range: Adjustable (12 semitones upwards and downwards)
- Modulation: Equipped
- Transpose: 49 steps (-24 semitones to +24 semitones)
- Tuning: Variable (A4 = approximately 440Hz +/- 100 cents)
- LCD: Adustable contrast

- SMF Player: Flash memory storage for up to 200 files*1
- Supported Format: SMF0

Flash Memory
- Capacity: 4MB*2
- Shared Area: Approximately 3.5MB*2 (waveform data, accompaniment data, SMF data)
- Further storage of waveform, accompaniment, and SMF data becomes impossible after teh total of such data reaches approximately 3.5MB.

SD Memory Cards
- Supported SD Memory Cards: 1GB or less (Cards with capacity greater than 1 GB are not supported)
- Function: Save and load of user tones, user songs, and registration data; playback of SMF; card formatting; file delete; file rename

- SD memory card slot
- USB port: Type B
- Sustain/Assignable Terminal: Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm start/stop)
- Headphone/Output Terminal: Stereo standard jack
- Output Voltage: 5.5V (RMS) MAX

Power Supply
- Dual power supply system
- Batteries: 6 D-size batteries
- Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
- AC Adaptor: AD-12
- Auto Power Off: Turns power off approximately 6 minutes after last key operation. Enabled under battery power only, can be disabled manually.
- Speaker Output: 6.1W + 6.1W
- Power Consumption: 12V...18W
- Dimensions: 48 3/16 x 16 11/16 x 6 5/16 in.
- Weight: Approximately 10.0kg (22.0 lbs) (without batteries)
- Technical Specifications Subject to Change

*1 The same memory area is used to store waveform data, accompaniment data, and SMF data.
*2 Noted capacities are calculated values based on 1MB = 10242 bytes.

Power Supply: AD-12 Power Cord (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

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Casio WK-3800 Keyboard Customer Review
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I will buy the Casio wk-8000. That is how much I like the WK series. I will never part with this keyboard. It is a classic.

I have to say it one more time: exceptional. Unfortunately most musicians are misled by brand names. I have several Korg and Roland professional keyboards, and let me tell you that this Casio wk-3800 challenges the sound of most of them, I mean pure sound. For example, the piano sounds on this Casio rival Korg's Triton. Go into the effects section and tweak and you will see what I mean. There are keyboards that cost $ 1000 or more and cannot produce better sounds that this marvelous Casio wk-3800. I am not talking about analog or weird sounds. I refer to stock sounds: sax, electric pianos, trumpets, etc. It is a very special keyboard and what else can you ask for $ 350 average? You want egg in your beer too? Anybody who has doubts feel free to email me at I will be happy to talk about this marvel.

Enough features for this price. The organ sounds are fantastic with the drawbars. You get key click, harmonics, etc. The leslie is really good. I wanted to buy the Nord Electro, but changed my mind and got this beauty. I saved up money and bought an Alesis Micron (exceptional too) and more Roland expansion cards for my beloved Roland Juno-G (great keyboard).

Ease of Use
So intuitive. Why can't other manufacturers try read more to copy the layout of this keyboard and offer us a Korg or Roland with exceptional features at the same price? You know, the Casio guys deserve an award for this keyboard. At last a great keyboard for everybody without breaking the bank.

I take care of mine. I bought a hard case for it. The reason: you take care of the instruments you love! Great quality for the price.

The King of all keyboards at this price and more. It rivals keyboards that cost over $ 1000. If anybody disagrees just email me and we will talk. You will be convinced on one condition: get the keyboard, take it home, play it for at least 2 weeks, tweak it and you will be hooked!

Manufacturer Support
They know their products and will answer your questions promptly and efficiently.

The Wow Factor
Beautiful, sexy, excellent,a great buy.

Musical Background:
Active musician

Musical Style:
Bossa Nova, Jazz, Techno, etc.
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