Casio LK165 Lighted Keyboard (61-Key)

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This keyboard makes practice fun! Follow the light-up keys to learn to play 110 built-in songs with Casio's Step-Up Lessons -- perfect for beginner pianists.

When it comes to inspiring young pianists to practice, it's hard to beat an instrument that seems to magically light up in the dark. That's why the "LK" in the name of Casio's LK-165 portable keyboard stands for "Lighted Keys." Choose one of the 110 built-in songs, and watch as the first note of the song glows and flashes on the keyboard. It's impossible not to want to play this keyboard!

Choose the Package You Want -- Get The Extras You Need

EPA Pack Includes:
- LK-165 Keyboard with Power Supply
- eMedia Piano Basics software
- USB Cable

EPB Pack Includes:
- LK-165 Keyboard with Power Supply
- eMedia Piano Basics software
- USB Cable
- Stereo Headphones

EPC Pack Includes:
- LK-165 Keyboard with Power Supply
- eMedia Piano Basics software
- USB Cable

HSP Pack Includes:
- LK-165 Keyboard with Power Supply
- Keyboard Stand
- Audio-Technica ATR1100 Vocal Microphone

Step-Up Lesson System

A light-up keyboard does more than just look good -- it's the heart of Casio's exclusive step-teaching system. Turn on Step-Up Lessons, and the keyboard will step through "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (or any of 109 more built-in tunes) as the student learns and plays at their own pace. A gentle simulated voice calls out finger numbers, and the full-size keys light up and flash red to reveal exactly where to play next, as the LCD screen displays musical notation. When it's time to impress the family with a formal recital, you can easily turn off the voice prompts or flashing keys.

Plug and Play

read more Youngsters delight in playing the LK-165. But there's plenty to love here for grown-ups, too: the built-in USB port is a MIDI interface for your computer. Simply plug-and-play with any MIDI-compatible music education or composition software, such as GarageBand on the Mac -- no drivers necessary. Choose from 400 onboard tones (including stereo grand piano), play along with any of 150 rhythm patterns, and spice up your sound with 10 types of reverb effects. Much more than just a toy for the kids, the Casio LK-165 has a full 48 notes of polyphony, the most in its class. And the LK-165 comes with an AC adapter power supply, but you can also power it with six size-D batteries for ultimate in portability.

Something for Everyone

There's a 1/4" microphone jack built right into this keyboard, so you can plug in a mic with a separate volume control and sing along with yourself -- or accompany a vocalist as they sing through the onboard twin 2-watt speaker system. There's even a sampling system, so you can record 1-second voice or percussion sounds, loop them, and jam along with yourself on the keyboard. The LK-165 also has five "voice pads" which play back sound effects or your sampled sounds. And when it's time to practice silently, plug in a pair of standard headphones. With all these features, the LK-165 is one entry-level portable keyboard that you -- and the piano student in your family -- will want to keep playing for a long, long time.


- 61 standard-size light-up keys
- 400 built-in tones, including stereo grand piano
- 110 built-in songs and Step-teaching mode
- Built-in metronome with 150 rhythm patterns
- Built-in lessons and challenge games
- Chords displayed on the keyboard's screen
- Optional auto-shut-off after 30 minutes
- Shift octaves or transpose the keyboard up to 12 semitones up or down
- Tuning control from A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz: tune up the LK-165 to your family's acoustic piano, and play a duet
- 10 types of onboard reverb effects
- Microphone input: accompany a vocalist
- Mic sampling system: record up to 10 seconds of your own voice or percussion, and jam along with your own original beat
- LCD display
- USB port: connect to any computer
- Sustain pedal jack
- Headphone jack for rehearsing silently
- 90 demo songs
- 48 notes of polyphony
- General MIDI-compliant
- Weighs only 15 pounds

Power Supply: Casio AD-E95100 Power Adapter (Included)
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Number of keys: 61 keys
Keyboard size: Piano type standard-size keys
Key Light System: Up to 4 keys can be lit at the same time
Sound Source: AHL
Maximum Polyphony: 48
MIDI: MIDI over USB, GM Level 1 compliant
Key Transpose: +/-1 octave (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)
Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9Hz
Number of built-in tones: 400
Stereo-sampled piano tone: Yes
Sampling function: Max recording time: 1 second, Max 3 sampled tones
Reverb: 10 types
Number of rhythms: 150
Number of one-touch presets: 150
Number of built-in songs: 110 songs including 20 practice songs
Casio Step-up Lessons: Yes
Metronome: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beats per measure
Adjustable tempo: From 30 to 255
Number of demonstration songs: 90 songs (Loop play back except practice songs)
Auto-start demonstration: Yes
Voice pads: 5 pads x 4 sets of sounds for each pad
LCD screen size: 92mm x 40mm
USB port: To host
Mic In jack: 1/4-inch (Mic Volume knob on back)
Sustain pedal jack: 1/4-inch standard
Headphones output jack: 1/4-inch stereo
DC IN jack: 9.5V
Power: DC 9.5V AC power adapter included
Battery power: Optionally power with 6 AA batteries
Speaker size: 10cm x2
Speaker output: 2W+2W
Music rest: Included
Music book: Included

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

Casio LK-165 Lighted Keyboard, 61-Key

The Casio LK-165 Lighted USB Keyboard with PS is a great portable keyboard for beginers and experienced players alike. The full-size keys light up as you are playing -- up to four keys light up at a time. The Casio LK-165 Lighted USB Keyboard is portable, so you can take it with you when you're on the go. It has 110 built in songs, including 20 practice songs for those learning to play. The Casio LK-165 Lighted USB Keyboard also has 400 built in tones and 150 rhythms. The power supply is included.


- 61 standard size lighted keys
- 400 built in tones
- 10 types of reverb
- 150 rhythms
- 110 songs including 20 practice songs
- Metronome with 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beats
- Adjustable tempo
- 2 built in 10 centimeter speakers

Premium Pack includes:

- Headphones
- Stand
- Power Supply

EPA Pack includes:

- Power Supply
- eMedia Piano software
- USB Cable
- Headphones

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"Wide-eyed grandson when he opened the gift."

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Bought at a great price, had a small scratch and that's the way the item was advertised. Grandson is nine and asked him a month ago while he was watching a teen band if he would like to be in one when he is older, that's why I got it for him.

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