CAD Audio Trion 7000 Dynamic Dual Element Ribbon Microphone

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Mic up your guitar amp cabinet with the CAD Trion 7000 microphone, and enjoy rich, warm ribbon character without breaking the bank.
Want to add classic character and warmth to your recordings? Do just that with the CAD Trion 7000 dynamic dual-element ribbon microphone. With its fast transient response and old-school warm tone, this Figure-8 find is quite versatile with studio and live-sound applications. It's great at capturing vocals, brass and woodwinds, strings, acoustic bass, guitar and bass amps, and more, with presence and a full-bodied tone. And this steal of a mic comes with a professional shockmount and heavy-duty aluminum carrying case.

Dual Element Ribbon

CAD's Trion 7000 gets its signature sound from its hand-assembled, highly sensitive aluminum ribbon capsule. Its wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 10 kHz allows you to capture a range of instruments and audio sources, whole its Figure-8 polar pattern makes it an effective tool for middle/side stereo applications and recording live bands.

Classic Warm Ribbon Tone

Like many classic ribbon mics, the Trion 7000 offers a smoothly rolled-off top end that's so flattering on sources that might sound overly harsh on a condenser mic, like female vocals, violins, or guitar cabinets. With its pronounced proximity effect, the Trion 7000 lends a low-end boost or "fatness" effect to your tone when used at close distances.

Bidirectional Figure-8 Pickup Pattern

Ribbon microphones are inherently Figure-8-style bidirectional mics, and so they pick up sound from the front and back, with almost no pickup from the sides. If read more you want to record a singer/guitarist or multiple vocalists from the same mic, the Trion 7000 is the tried-and-true way to go.

The Trion 7000 offers rugged metal housing and superior construction. Take it on stage or keep it in the studio! No matter where you use it, the Trion 7000 is able to withstand lots of wear and tear of both live and studio applications.


- Dynamic dual element ribbon microphone
- Dual element ribbon for increased sensitivity
- Warm classic vocal sound
- Figure-8 polar pattern ideal for capturing vocals, acoustic guitarists/singers, live bands, and more
- Frequency response: 20 Hz to 10 kHz
- Sensitivity: -53dBV (2.2mV) @ 1Pa
- Impedance: 940 ohms
- Includes a professional shock mount
- Aluminum carrying case included for safe storage and transport
- Backed by CAD warranty
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- Operating Principle: Moving ribbon dynamic
- Polar Pattern: Figure of 8
- Frequency Response: 20Hz - 10kHz
- Sensitivity: -53dBV (2.2mV) @ 1Pa
- Impedence: 940 ohms
- Power Requirements: None

Due to continuous efforts to improve our products and promote the development of standards, specifications are subject to change without notice.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-762-9266

CAD Audio Trion 7000 Dynamic Ribbon Mic

All Trion mics feature dual diaphragms and come in 3 different flavors. The Trion 7000 is dual ribbon microphone with great articulation.

The Trion 7000 is a dynamic, dual-element, ribbon microphone. The Trion 7000 incorporates a sophisticated, precision-machined, hand-assembled aluminum ribbon capsule offering a rich, warm, classic sound. It is an excellent tool for recording vocals, brass and woodwinds, cello, acoustic bass as well as guitar and bass amps. It can be used in both live and studio applications wherever a warm, full-bodied tone is desired.


- Dual element ribbon for increased sensitivity
- Outstanding warm classic vocal sound
- Includes a professional shock mount
- Aluminum carrying case

The polar pattern of the Trion 7000 is naturally a figure-8. This means that the microphone is most sensitive in the front and the back, and least sensitive at the sides. The pronounced proximity effect associated with the Trion 7000 means that a strong "fattening effect" can be achieved at close distances. The rugged metal housing and construction provide the durability required to withstand the harsh day-today demands of both live and studio applications. All these features make the Trion 7000 an excellent choice for a wide variety of live and recording applications. Shock mount, heavy-duty aluminum carrying case included.

Caution: As with any passive ribbon microphone, care must be taken to ensure that the Trion 7000 is not plugged into active phantom power. Phantom power can permanently damage the delicate ribbon. The Trion 7000 should not be used in a kick drum where the strong air blasts might permanently stretch the ribbon. Due to the strong magnetic fields inside a ribbon microphone, areas where ferrous dust and filings are present should be avoided. A pop filter is recommended for close vocal use.
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"This thing is great! Don't go Nady, go CAD"
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I suspect that I will not tire of this mic. I have more expensive ribbons but this one will always find a use in my studio.
This thing sounds great! The only reason I give it a 9 and not a 10 is that there are better ones out there... .but not at this price. Absolutely OUTSTANDING on electric guitar cabs. Very nice on accoustic guitar and pretty good for vocals too. It's pretty flat so what you put in is pretty much what you get out. It's not a Royer but you can get 5 of these for the price of 1 Royer.
Not a lot of features but it's a ribbon. What do you expect?
Ease of Use
Put the basket on a stand and put the mic in the basket... point and record. Wonderful.
They have to cut costs somewhere. The mic itself seems pretty sturdy. The mounting portion of the basket is very good and will hold the mic in any position required, but the clips that hold the mic in the basket are pretty flimsy. Be careful and it will last a long time.
You will not finder a nicer ribbon at this price.
Manufacturer Support
The Wow Factor
Well.... I bought it.... and I would definately buy another one.
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Alt-Country, Cow Punk, Funk, Country, Rock and Roll, Blues, Classical
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