Cascade Microphones Knuckle Head Short Ribbon Mic with Lundahl LL2913 Transformer

No longer available at zZounds
The Knuckle Head's shape and distressed copper finish evokes early broadcast microphones -- with the smooth, natural ribbon sound Cascade is known for. This version of the mic comes with the Lundahl LL2913 transformer.

The Knuckle Head with Lundahl LL2913 Transformer is a passive ribbon microphone that combines the acoustic components of the successful Fat Head ribbon with a shockmounted headbasket design reminiscent of early broadcast microphones.

The ribbon motor uses Neodymium magnets surrounding a 2.2-micron corrugated aluminum ribbon measuring 5mm x 45mm. The ribbon is mounted symmetrically within the magnetic gap, making the Knuckle Head suitable as the "mid" mic in a MS setup -- the front and back of the mic should produce the same sound.

The ribbon motor and headbasket are suspended within a 6-inch diameter metal hoop by eight springs. The output transformer is located within the cylindrical shaft below the shockmount hoop.

- KNUCKLE HEAD ribbon microphone
- Molded Case
- Mic Clip
- Leatherette Pouch

- Type: Ribbon (velocity) Microphone
- Ribbon type & Dimensions: 99% Pure aluminum, 2.2 micron, 1 3/4" (L) X 3/16" (W)
- Polar pattern: Figure 8 Symmetrical design
- Sensitivity: -56 db +/- 2 dB (0 dB=1V/Pa)
- Frequency response: See PDF below
- Output Impedance: <=200 Ohms
- Recommended load impedance: >1000 Ohms
- Max.SPL (1% THD @1000 Hz): 165 dB
- Connector: 3-Pin male XLR
- Size: Diameter: O.D. grill:3", O.D. ring:6", O.D. body:1", Overall length:10"

No longer available at zZounds

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