Boz Digital L8R Audio Plug-in

Fix left/right timing discrepancies, widen mono sources, and more! L8R lets you add micro delays to the left or right channel with one knob and two buttons.

L8R is a super simple but very handy plug-in. With just a single knob (and a couple of buttons) it lets you apply micro delays to your left or right channel. It's perfect for either correcting or creating very small timing differences between your stereo channels.

L8R uses short delays within the Haas zone for panning that locks the position of instruments in the stereo field, adds widening to pads and strings, solves masking issues, corrects timing inaccuracies in mono and stereo channels, and more.

Quick Time Align:
With one knob, you can quickly add super small amounts of delay to either the left or the right channel, to either create or fix timing discrepancies.

Smooth Adjustments:
No clicky delay changes here. As you adjust the delay time, Boz Digital made sure to keep that delay transition super smooth so you can automate it without having to deal with any clicks that tend to come with changing delay times.

Sometimes you need more than just a small delay. Enabling the 10x option increases the maximum delay from 3ms to 30ms for those times when large adjustments are needed.

Applications for L8R

If you want to use Haas panning on a mono track, duplicate it and put L8R on one channel. Press the mono push-pin and adjust the delay pointer using the 0-3ms delay. As you move left or right, you’ll hear the sound appear to localize accordingly. A 1.5ms delay will move the sound center-left or center-right. Now, just to prove it to yourself, move your listening read more position from side to side. Even if you’re directly in front of the speaker you panned towards, you’ll still hear the sound emanating from the position you Haas-panned to. With standard panning, all you’d hear would be the sound coming from that speaker as though it were hard-panned. Haas panning is a great way to give focus to the stereo image and overcome directional masking.

The Haas effect provides an excellent means of adding stereo dimension to a mono track without reverb. You can use it not only to improve stereo imaging and overcome masking, but also as a means to add depth and three-dimensional space to an entire mix.

Another use for L8R in mono is for time correction on dual-mono tracks, such as drum overheads, or multi-miked tracks, such as inside and outside kick drum mics. To time-align kick mics, simply insert L8R on the inside kick track and adjust the short delay until it reinforces the outside kick. Since the depth of a kick drum can be anywhere from 14″ to 18″, it follows that depending on mic placement, a delay between 1ms to 2ms should do the trick. In fact, you can use L8R to time-align multiple tracks.

Another great use for L8R is to resolve masking issues on stereo tracks. For example, if you have a stereo synth patch, such as strings, piano, organ, or pads, etc. that are crowding the center image and masking vocals, for example, split them into two mono tracks and apply L8R to one track. In this case, use the 10x push-pin and try delays between 11-21ms. This will cause stereo strings (or pads etc.) to widen, clearing out the center image. Masking problems solved.


- Add width to mono sources
- Pan using the Haas effect (precedence) to focus stereo imaging
- Correct timing issues on mono and stereo tracks
- Create space in a mix
- Solve masking problems caused by stereo tracks
- Add depth to a mix
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- Operating System: mac OSX 10.5 or Greater
- Operating System: Windows XP or Greater
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1035-900

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