Boss VT1 Voice Transformer

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Comes with an AC Adapter (Roland ACI Series.) This item will NOT connect directly to a phone.

Boss introduces the VT1 Voice Transformer, which does exactly what it says. The VT1 gives you total control over your voice - timbre, tone, pitch, everything. Independent control over pitch and formant make this possible. Just listen to what it can do. Essential to voice processing, the VT1 offers high-quality digital stereo reverb. Apart from being the ultimate DJ effects unit, the VT1 will benefit virtually any application where signal manipulation is needed. The user-friendly tabletop design features 4 sliders and a Robot button for precise, real-time adjustments.

*Note: This item will NOT connect directly to a phone.

Pitch slider raises or lowers the fundamental note pitch.

Formant slider adjusts pitch of formant components, creating an effect virtually the same as changing vocal cords and the shape of the vocal tract.

Mix Balance slider allows mixing dry and effected voices.

Reverb slider adds stereo reverb equivalent to high-quality dedicated units.

As you may have suspected, the Robot mode changes your voice into a robot's (like the classic Sci-Fi movies) making the pitch of the input voice uniform and flat, thus creating a mechanical-sounding voice. Combine this with Pitch and Formant slider adjustments for astonishing vocoder effects.

Along with 4 preset Patches, there's an additional 4 user Patches. If you so desire, you can convert the presets into user Patches. Then simply call up a Patch to instantly change voices.

Perfect for read more any Applications featuring Voice.
Extremely useful for DJs, the VT1 lets you configure user Patches with completely different voice characters and rapidly switch between them to take on different roles. The Robot button is perfect for use as a vocoder without a keyboard, so you can use it for DJ-ing techno and dance music programs. The VT1 is an ideal tool for broadcasting applications as well as for video narrations.

Can be used for transforming a man's voice to a woman's.

Lowering a man's voice by an octave. Can be used to make a woman's voice sound like a man's.

Centering the Mix Balance slider lets you mix a man's dry voice together with the same voice transformed into a woman's for a duet.

Other Convenient Features
Compact and portable design.

Colorful eye-catching design.

A Remote jack for connecting footswitches like the FS5L to switch the effected voice on/off while still accessing reverb.

What is a 'Formant'?
The human voice consists of 2 different components. One is fundamental waves that are pitch-sensitive. The other is non-pitch sensitive fixed harmonics. The harmonics components that change along with vocal cords and with the physical shape of the vocal tract add distinctive characteristics to a person's voice and are called "formants." Conventional pitch shifters change formants as they alter pitch. So voices that are pitched higher narrow the voice range for "chipmunk" voices. Voices that are lower pitched will sound more like a "giant's" voice with a much wider range. With the VT1's pitch slider, you can control pitch alone, without making formants change. The VT1's formant slider works to effectively control the vocal cords and shape of the vocal tract. Therefore it is easy to change a male voice into a female or even a child's, yet sound absolutely natural.
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Connector: Input; Mic Output; Line Output R/L; Remote Control; AC Adapter

Switch: Power Switch; Bank Button; Number Button x4; Write Button; Bypass Button; Robot Button.

Controller: Input Level Knob; Pitch Slider; Formant Slider; Mix Balance; Slider Reverb Slider.

Indicator: Peak; Bank x2 (Preset/User); Number x4; Bypass Robot

Power Supply: 9V DC: AC Adapter

Power Consumption: 300mA

Dimensions (W x D x H): 178 x 161.5 x 52mm (7 x 6-3/8 x 2-1/16 in.)

Weight (excluding AC Adapter): 480 g (1 lb., 1oz)

Accessories: AC Adapter (Roland ACI Series), Owner's Manual

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Submitted March 6, 2004
"You Will Be Amazed You Sound Like That!"
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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Overall I feel this is the best product for those who wish to entertain others with various voice changes. There is no other product on the market that I am aware of that can perfectly change a voice the way this one does. As I stated elsewhere the only drawback is the fact that even if the reverb (echo) is turned all the way down it still has somewhat of an echo to the voice.
Sound quality is great except for the slight echo that is almost always present even if the reverb is turned down all the way to zero. Does a terrific job changing a man's voice from the most high-pitched woman's to even the deepest satanic demon's. Makes for great fun on Halloween.
Very well constructed. Tuff steel case and no loose parts. Takes abuse well too.
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