Bose S1 Pro + Sub1 Subwoofer PA System Bundle with Pole

Get the ultra-portable Bose S1 Pro PA system, plus serious bass! This bundle includes the Bose S1 Pro, Bose Sub1 RaceTrack subwoofer, and a subwoofer pole.

This bundle gives you a Bose S1 Pro portable speaker, a Bose Sub1 subwoofer, and a speaker pole to connect them. This portable PA delivers wide coverage in a small package, complete with 2 XLR-1/4" ins, 1/8" stereo input and Bluetooth. Add the subwoofer for room-filling Bose bass, thanks to the Sub1's unique 7" x 13" RaceTrack driver.

Learn how the Bose S1 Pro pairs with the Sub1 subwoofer in this video from Bose:

Bose S1 Pro Portable PA System

Sound great anywhere with the Bose S1 Pro Multi-position PA system. Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system.

At 15.7 lbs (7.1 kg), the ultra-portable and rugged S1 Pro is lightweight and designed to transport effortlessly using the convenient carry-handle. Perform anywhere for hours with the S1 Pro using the included lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The system features multiple positions that are designed to ensure that you always sound your best. So, whether you place the S1 Pro on the floor, on a table, or even mounted on a speaker stand, the system's coverage matches your specific playing application. Additionally, Auto EQ maintains optimum sound in any orientation.

The S1 Pro comes with a full-featured, 3-channel mixer with reverb, tone controls and line-outs for connecting to other systems. Play music from your mobile device easily using Bluetooth streaming and get great sound read more quickly using integrated ToneMatch(R) processing for microphones and acoustic guitars. Download the Bose(R) Connect app to access additional options and features like Stereo Mode, so that you can wirelessly stream audio to a second system for even more output.

Finally, a small system that delivers on the combination of performance, portability and versatility. The Bose S1 Pro system: a true companion for nearly any event, ready to perform whenever and wherever you need it.

Bose S1 Pro Features:

- High-output sound from a small, convenient system that is ready to perform whenever and wherever you are.
- Lightweight, 15.7-pound ultra-portable enclosure is designed to transport effortlessly using the convenient carry-handle.
- Onboard 3-channel mixer offers independent ToneMatch, reverb and EQ controls on two channels, with a dedicated channel for either wired (3.5 mm) or wireless music sources.
- Sound great quickly with ToneMatch processing for microphones and acoustic guitars.
- Wireless Bluetooth streaming from your mobile device, with one-touch pairing.
- Multiple positions with Auto EQ ensure that you always sound your best, regardless of placement orientation.
- Speaker stand compatible with standard 35 mm pole mounts.
- Included rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to perform anywhere for up to 11 hours.
- Bose Connect app compatibility for access to additional options and features.
- Speaker stand compatible with standard 35 mm pole mounts.

Bose Sub1 Powered Racetrack Subwoofer

A powered, portable bass module, the Bose Sub1 subwoofer combines with virtually any portable PA and delivers low-end performance down to 40 Hz. Its unique 7" x 13" high-excursion RaceTrack driver delivers performance that rivals a traditional 12" woofer without the cumbersome size. In fact, this visionary design offers a surprising size-to-performance ratio. The RaceTrack driver's unique shape allows the physical enclosure to be slimmer without compromising sound. This also frees up room in your vehicle and on the stage, and makes every carry in between -- home to car, vehicle to venue -- much easier.

Stacking multiple Sub1 subwoofers gets you even more bass - and allows you to unleash Cardioid Mode for directional bass performance. Cardioid Mode is ideal for outdoor events and keeping the stage and microphones free of low-frequency feedback. Instead of bass invading your space onstage or upsetting the neighbors, Cardioid Mode focuses bass out front where you want it.

Big bass onstage. Practical portability everywhere else. Get from parking to performing with ease and from setup to setlist in minutes. With a Sub1, you get a subwoofer that goes virtually anywhere and effortlessly fills out your sound.

Bose Sub1 Features:

- Powered 7" x 13" Neodymium Racetrack Subwoofer
- Low-end performance down to 40 Hz
- SubMatch single cable connection
- Assignable crossovers
- Cardioid mode (when you stack multiple Sub1 units)
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Bose S1 Pro Specifications:

- 13" H x 9.5" W x 11.2" D
- 15.7 lbs

Inputs and outputs:
- 2 combo XLR-1/4" inputs
- 3.5 mm input
- Bluetooth input
- TRS line output

Speaker drivers:
- 1 x 6" LF high-excursion woofer
- 3 x 2.25" HF drivers

Additional details:
- Wireless range up to 30 ft (9 m)
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 11 hours

What's in the Box?
- S1 Pro system with included battery
- AC power cord

Note: Bose S1 Pro systems sold after May 10, 2018 include a Bose S1 Pro Battery.
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 63.25 lbs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-869-1855


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