Behringer X32RACK Digital Rack Mixer

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Submitted October 17, 2018 by Ken S in West Haven, UT
"Awesome mixer - Once you figure it out."
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This is a very complex and difficult mixer to learn. It's not like you can power it on and go, like a hardware based mixer with actual faders and knobs. It's all done via an iPad. Granted you can used the onboard knobs to make changes but you wouldn't want to because it's a lot of pushing, turning, and clicking, besides the knobs not being inline with the menus makes it very difficult to use at first. But that's the initial "Hump" if you will, that you need to get over. Once you get a grasp of this amazing audio mixer, it is really pretty incredible. You'll spend some time watching YouTube videos and doing research since the manual it comes with may as well be taken out of the box and used to start a fire. I've never understood these companies (DAW's included) that send you these complex devices with very little instruction. You have to buy books, watch videos etc to even begin to use them. I made the mistake of trying to figure this out a week before our first gig. That was the most stressful week of my life. I did get through it and I did figure out enough to get the mains and monitor mixes working but it was no easy task. This IS NOT user friendly by any stretch of the imagination. But take your time, give yourself ample time to learn this and you will be overly satisfied with its features and abilities. Clean and quiet, and very very powerful. This thing has built in effects racks, you can use it to crossover your frequencies, there are eq's built in etc. You'll really dig this read more thing. Once you learn it. Believe me I almost said forget it and bought a normal hardware mixer with faders and knobs. But I stayed the course and figured it out. I'm glad I did. Love it now.

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All genre's.
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