Behringer V-Amp Pro Guitar Amp Modeling Processor

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125 memory locations. Easy, intuitive operation. 15 rear panel connectors.

Professional Guitar Amp Modeling and Multi-Effects Processor with Additional 24-Bit/96 kHz Digital Output and Ultra-G Cabinet Simulation
Not just for Pros -- the V-AMP Pro is the 19 in. rack-mount version of the V-AMP 2 with extensive MIDI and digital connectivity. You get an impressive collection of 32 classic amps, 15 legendary speaker cabinets and 16 studio-quality effects: everything from vintage combos to supercharged gain monsters. Store your own presets in the 125 memory locations or get presets developed by today's hottest players.

The V-AMP Pro includes pre-DSP send/return and post-DSP stereo inserts as well as balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift. A BNC wordclock input for synchronization and a 24-bit/96 kHz digital output with AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors. Plus, it has Behringer's exclusive auto wah and rotary effects and DI output with Ultra-G cabinet simulation designed by famous amp designer Juergen Rath. The V-AMP Pro is your best partner in the studio -- but you can also take it to your next gig!

32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 15 speaker cabinet simulations, noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay and reverb

125 memory locations, divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each

Facilitates direct recording without an amp for professional guitar tones

Easy, intuitive operation with self-explanatory controls

Comprehensive LEDs show all current settings

15 rear panel connectors allow read more comprehensive routing and suit virtually every conceivable application

Additional unparalleled authentic cabinet simulation with sound designed by Juergen Rath

Stereo headphones output with adjustable volume

Adjustable auto-chromatic tuner

Internal power supply unit

Extremely low-noise instrument input ensures maximum guitar signal integrity

Pre DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring

Stereo 1/4 in. line outputs controlled by master volume for live use as guitar preamp

Balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift and switchable Ultra-G cabinet simulation

Post DSP stereo inserts for connection of external effects

Phones output on front panel for easy access

BNC wordclock input for external sample rate synchronization up to 96 kHz

AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors allow usage as an all-purpose A/D converter with 24-bit/96 kHz digital output

MIDI In, Out, Thru

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system
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"Good enough for the recording studio."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have lots of cash and bought just about everything out there. This is definitely one of the better items in the studio. Sure my 72Fender and 82Marshall sound great but... they only give 1 sound. More creative freedom with this box. I mean... do you really want to practice in front of a 100watt marshall cranked to 10 before it starts sounding RIGHT or... plug in some headphones and use a V-AMP while saving your EARS!!

Used in Pro-Studio environment. All the bands I record compliment the sound. We still mic the marshalls and fenders in the studio but this as a second trackover adds depth and perspective to the sound. The sounds are amazing - FULLY configurable to your hearts desire. I was absolutely impressed. The cheapest item in the studio and it ROCKS!

I think the features are fine. Would prefer an LCD like the PODs but for 500bux less I can live with it. Face it - these are digital and all sound the same.

If it were a little thicker Aluminum I would give a 10. But honestly I dont see this getting hurt. It aint plastic.

I have a lot of their products - the MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK sold me every time. I dont have millions of dollars to throw away. I run a recording studio as my buisness so money is a factor. And getting as many kewl things for as little as possible lets my users have their choice of sounds and I get more read more selections with spending less.

Manufacturer Support
Called them before on OTHER products. They are polite and get the job done... what more do you want.

The Wow Factor
I would like more a digital look - LCD panel like POD. I wish their were some real preamp tubes in there as well.

Musical Background:
Recording Engineer, Touring musician

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