Behringer Bass V-Amp Desktop Virtual Bass Amplifier

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Audio Inputs
- Instrument Input 1/4" TS connector, unbalanced
- Input impedance: 1 MOhms
- Max. input level: +3 dBu
- AUX IN: 1/4" TRS connector, balanced
- Input impedance: 50 kOhms

Audio Outputs
- Analog Line Outputs L/R: 1/4" TS connectors, unbalanced
- Output impedance: approx. 680 Ohms
- Max. output level +20 dBu
- Headphones: 1/4" TRS connector, unbalanced
- Max. output level: +15 dBu/100 Ohms (+23 dBm)

- Type: 5-pole DIN jacks IN, OUT/THRU

Digital Signal Processing
- Converter: 24-bit Delta-Sigma, 64/128-times oversampling
- Dynamics A/D: 100 dB @ preamp bypass
- Dynamics D/A: 92 dB
- Sample rate: 31.250 kHz
- DSP: 100 Mips
- Delay time: max. 1023 ms stereo/sampler delay: 15.36 s
- Run time (Line In / Line Out): approx. 5 ms

- Type: 2-digit 7-segment-LED display

- Dimensions (H x W x D): 2 1/2 x 9 1/4 x 7 1/8" 63 x 236 x 180 mm
- Weight: approx. 4.4 lbs / approx. 2 kg
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Submitted September 25, 2006 by a customer from
"Too much fun for what it costs"
I've had it for around 3 years now. I won't be giving it up any time soon. It's way too much fun to jam with on my computer and very versitile.

It has the best amp sounds and speaker simulation, I think. The noise gate is a dream come true for single coils. Cuts the noise, but does not cut even the lightest picking. Also, the dynamic range is around 90 dB's which ain't too bad at all. The converters are 24 bit, but only 31250 sample rate. Below 44100 doesn't hurt it any though. I think it sounds awesome. Works for bass, keys, and guitar. And extremely well, too.

With even a built in midi synth that you can play on a keyboard or sequencer and full midi control of the unit, what more could you ask for? Even a nice carrying bag and foot switch. Just the foot switch only does programs and won't switch banks. You need Behringer's midi pedal to do that and then you'll have a real wah pedal too. Or use something like an Oxygen8 to program it and play synth bass lines. This thing is just too cool. I added my own switch, pop cap, and polarized cord to the power supply.

Ease of Use
The distortions are kind of a pain to set from the box, but if you get the software to make your own presets, it's almost too easy.

It's plastic, but it would probably weigh a ton if it was in a metal case. It's pretty hefty in plastic as it read more is. The knobs and encoders are quite solid and the connectors are quality.

This could be 100 here. The value is unreal. Off the scale.

Manufacturer Support
Behringer has lots of stuff on-line to support the V-AMP's. If you have a programmer, Behringer even posts the bin code for eprom upgrades. You can use a 1M flash chip from an old socket 7 motherboard bios or modem to have a reprogrammable chip.

The Wow Factor
The encoder lights are cool and they thought about users doing lots of tweaks and mods to it when they designed it. It is also very practical and alot of fun to use.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
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