Behringer V-Amp 2 Guitar Amp Modeling Processor

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32 amp models. 15 cab simulations.

The next step in virtual amplification
Like the already legendary original V-AMP, the V-AMP 2 is based on state-of-the-art amp modeling technology, allowing you to achieve a wide variety of realistic amp sounds without the hassle of miking an amp. To that end, the V-AMP 2 now features twice as many amp models for 32 total, plus 15 original speaker simulations, which can be selected and activated independently of the amp models.

32 amp and 15 speaker simulation models, independently selectable

High-resolution 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor

Separate wah-wah and reverb effects

Effective 3-band EQ with amp-model dependent characteristics

5 new configuration modes for various applications

Balanced stereo line out with speaker simulation plus stereo headphones out and stereo aux line in

Comprehensive MIDI implementation for real-time control, automation, data transfer and access to additional parameters

Dual footswitch, AC adapter, and carrying bag included

Read on: you'll see why the V-AMP 2 is suited for much more than just home recording or practice applications. For extra tone-shaping power, the V-AMP 2 boasts a built-in 24-bit studio-quality stereo effects unit with an impressive selection of specially developed, great-sounding algorithms, including chorus, tremolo, compression, noise gate, delay, and much more, plus several combinations. A separate manually or MIDI-controllable wah-wah effect and 9 stereo reverb types are available in combination read more with any other effect, amp, or speaker setting. In addition, 2 effects parameters are now directly accessible.

You still get an integrated chromatic tuner, a tap tempo function for real-time adjustment of the effect's speed parameter, an adjustable stereo aux input, a stereo line output with speaker simulation, an effective 3-band EQ with amp-model dependent characteristics, a master volume control, and an adjustable headphones output. Plus a MIDI interface for real-time remote control and automation, data transfer and access to additional parameters, and 125 onboard presets, organized in 25 banks and including 50 presets by renowned guitarists.

In addition, the V-AMP 2 features 5 practical configuration modes for various applications and a presence control that simulates the negative feedback of tube amps. Plus a new preamp bypass function that allows you to use the V-AMP 2 as a stereo effects unit and dramatically improved gate and noise reduction circuits for better sound quality and an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB.

Best of all, the V-AMP 2 is a breeze to operate, thanks to its unusually transparent user interface with dedicated controls for all essential settings. It comes with a dual footswitch for preset selection and tuner control plus an AC adapter in an attractive, durable carrying bag. Presets and freely downloadable V-AMP 2 editor software are available from Behringer as well.
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Audio Inputs: Guitar input 1/4 in. mono phone jack, unbalanced

Input Impedance: approx. 1 MOhms

Aux inputs: 1/4 in. stereo connector, balanced

Input Impedance: approx. 50 kOhms

Audio Outputs: Line outputs 1/4 in. stereo connector, balanced

Output Impedance: approx. 2 kOhms

S/N ratio: 90 dB @ preamp bypass

Headphones: 1/4 in. stereo phone jack

MIDI Interface: Type 5-pos. DIN jacks IN/OUT

Digital Processing Converters: 24-bit Delta-Sigma, 64/128x oversampling

Sampling Rate: 31.250 kHz

DSP: 100 Mips

Delay Time Max: 1,933 ms

Display: Type 2-digit numeric LED

Power Supply: Power consumption 13 W

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2-1/2 x 9-1/4 x 7-1/8 in. (63 x 236 x 180 mm), approximately

Weight: 1.2 kg, approximately

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"Absolutely delicious. What are you waiting for?"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I'm going to keep this thing til it croaks or I do. I might get the PRO version or I might try the Bass V-amp in addition to this one. For my studio-based guitar needs this thing COMPLETELY fills the bill.

If you can't find sounds you like in this little blue wonder, you aren't trying. If you don't like the presets, it is easy to make up your own. I'm using it for digital multi-track recording and couldn't be happier. Auditioned the POD, V-amp and the J-Station. Picked the V-amp. Nuff said.

Great little modeler. I've midied mine into my PC using the free downloadable Behringer interface. Changing presets is point and click simple. Changing effects parameters and levels is point and click simple. Only thing I don't like is that it has no power switch. Solved that with a cheap individual power switch at the wall socket above my desktop studio.

I have no quality complaints. I know it is made of plastic. If that freaks you out, buy the PRO version and put it in a rack. I use it to create great sounds not drive nails. I haven't had a single problem in several glorious years of ownership.

Best money I've spent on guitar related gear in a long, long time. Can you say major league bang for the buck? I knew that you could.

Manufacturer Support
Any contacts I've had have been positive. read more I've called their USA number to get an updated EPROM for the MIDI footboard and they sent it to me free. Can't beat that.

The Wow Factor
I LIKE the funky guitar shape. I think the V-amp controls are more intuitive than the POD. The LEDs around each control are a plus too! More meaningful than a number would be.

Musical Background:
Former active musian turned home recording enthusiast.

Musical Style:
Mainly mainstream rock but I'm flexible.
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