Behringer Q802USB Mixer

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- Total inputs: 8
- Mono/stereo inputchannels: 2/2
- USB connectivity: 2-in/2-out
- Mix Buses: 2
- XENYX Mic preamps: 2
- Phantom power: +48 V
- Mono channel EQ: 3-band
- Compressors: 2
- Stereo channel EQ: 3-band
- Aux Sends per channel: 1
- FX Returns: 1 stereo
- Metering: 4-LED
- Software download: Yes
- Weight: 2.3 lbs./1.05 kg
- Other features: CD/Tape inputs assignable to headphones or main outputs
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Submitted February 21, 2013 by Ebiros A in Hayward, CA
"Excellent Mixer for the price"
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This was a perfect mixer to get my home studio organized. I have (believe it or not) three computers hooked up to this mixer. I needed a way to organize connecting all my home studio device with the ease of using an analog mixer. I use MOTU's Ultralite for my sound card driving Logic on my Mac. MOTU by itself is a mixer, but you have to go through the computer to control just about everything. That was horribly inefficient to do simple things (like tone and volume out of my monitor speaker). I have limited real estate on my desktop, so I couldn't get a big mixer in there. This notepad sized mixer was a perfect solution. Now everything is very easy to control. It sounds simple, but I have about 40 wires going back and forth between various devices. Just for organizing the wires, this mixer was heaven sent. I use all its inputs in the following way:Mic 1 -> Condenser MicMic 2 -> Mic 2 or Zoom G2.1U guitar pedal inputch3 & 4 -> MOTU Ultralite outputCh 5 & 6 -> Computer 2 audioUSB -> Computer 3 input/outputTape In -> extra CD player input (when you don't want to use computer CD drive)Output 1 -> Monitor speaker and subwooferOutput 2 -> Goes back to MOTU's inputPhone Out -> Goes to drive loudspeaker measurement hardwareFX Loop -> Goes to Lexicon Multi FXNow tell me if you can organize all this in a limited note pad sized space with anything else other than this. And you can imagine what a nightmare it would be to easily have everything connected in an organized way without read more it.The extra bonus is that the new mic preamp on this mixer really seems to sound good. Behringer has been saying, for a long time that their preamp is extra special super quality, and we used to laugh about it. But when I connected my condenser mic to this, I was shocked at how full, and bold it sounded. It's definitely few notches above my old Behringer mixer that I bought 10 years ago, and also Mackie that I have. I used to have Protools LE, and even compared to those, this mic preamp is good. I'm not sure if this was due to good matching with my microphone, but it's recommended that you try it out.The other channels are clear, but nothing to write home about. It quietly does its job, and is about what you expect from a hardware of this price range..When I got my mixer, I heard something was sliding inside the casing. I took the screws off, and removed the side panel to find out that an insulation glued on to either the chassis or the PCB that came loose and was sliding around. I removed it, and the mixer is working fine (probably until something hits its underside).I haven't played around with USB too much so far, so I can't comment on it except that it's working fine on the playback. When I get more usage, I'll write another review.I'm eternally grateful to Behringer for coming up with variety of mixer formats. Just look around, and you see what I mean. There isn't anything like this on the market, especially at this price. It was the nail in the coffin for my project studio, and I'm sure there are thousands more usage for it.Unbelievably good mixer for the price with surprisingly good mic preamp, and is recommended for anyone who's space or budget is limited.

Musical Background:
10+ years guitar, keyboard, drums, jam at home

Musical Style:
Jazz, Rock, Latin
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