Behringer B2092A Active Studio Subwoofer (360 Watts)

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I expect to have this in my studio till I blow it up. I hope that means decades. Probably not the way I go about things.

As sub woofers go this is a pretty amazing product. What you don't hear is the most important part. This thing doesn't hit you in the chest with bass. What it does do is make you system sound amazing. Properly set up this thing just disappears and becomes just part of your existing speakers. There is no bang or thud, just lots of awesome clear sounding bass. Although it doesn't go thump, don't let that fool you. There is lots of bass coming out. At one time I had the vents within 4" of my wall, cranked up the volume, and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this thing suddenly move away from the wall. It pushed itself away, no small task considering it weighs in at nearly 80 pounds, and was sitting on its rubber legs.

everything you might need to adjust it properly, and everything you might need to hook it up any way you might want. Accept there is no adjustment to the xover. This means nothing to me since I use an external anyway.

Ease of Use
really big and heavy. But it does make a pretty good end table if you use rubber coasters so things won't vibrate off

built like a tank. I like that the speaker cones are completely inside and you can't see them. This thing just looks read more like a big black box.

I have rated this thing with 9s and 10s. If I were factoring in price and ignoring that this thing is huge, I would give it solid 10s. It makes my Polk 200 watt unit I have upstairs sound pretty boomy and primative. I have heard people say this thing sound muddy. I believe that is because they are used to something much more like the Boomers the kids have where one not goes Boom. This isn't like that.

Manufacturer Support
haven't had to use, but the manual was actually pretty great at explaining how to place and adjust this unit.

The Wow Factor
you betya, It took me a while to realize just how good this unit is because I had expectations of a thump thump boom boom. Which just isn't there. This actually turns out to be what makes it so great. It is invisible (not visually, did I mention this thing is huge?) accept you suddenly have amazing bass in your system.

Musical Background:
Drummer, Audiofile, Tech Weenie, Data Comm Engineer

Musical Style:
I love all kinds of music that don't make me feel like someone is yelling at me.
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