BassBoss Makara-MK3 Dual Subwoofer

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Build a wall of bass with the Makara-MK3, a dual-21-inch powered subwoofer with a huge 140 dB SPL of max sustained output and true extension down to 23 Hz.

This high-output dual 21" powered subwoofer delivers deep, intense, bass, thrilling all of your senses in its connection of auditory and physical immersion.

The Makara shares much of its DNA with the mighty Kraken.

For audiences who have never heard notes this deep, the experience is unforgettable and instantly addictive. Like the Kraken, the Makara not only goes deep, it also administers a fearsome impact delivered by the short-horn loading of the fronts of the cones.

This legendary creature achieves an enormous max sustained output of 140 dB SPL at 1 meter in a half-space (ground plane) environment, with a peak SPL of 143 dB, and a +/-3 dB Frequency Response of 23 Hz to 110 Hz*.

With 5,000 watts of power on tap, derived from two onboard discrete 2500 Watt Class-D global power amplifiers, the Makara ensures robust and reliable performance.

Its integrated comprehensive DSP provides high-pass filters, low-pass filters, equalization, phase alignment, cardioid processing, and multi-stage limiting for precise sound management. A cardioid mode is available to provide directional control when multiple cabinets are appropriately arrayed.

The 18mm marine grade birch enclosure uses dado joinery and is extensively braced for the utmost strength and durability. Its black, textured, bonded, high-pressure polyurethane coating is weatherproof, making it suitable for any environment.

35mm pole sockets are provided on all 4 sides. Equipped with four steel bar handles and UHMWPE read more strips as sliders/feet, the Makara is designed for easy transport and stable setup. The Makara sliders interlock with each other, and with the Kraken, providing the ideal building blocks for "a wall of bass."


- Dual-21 inch Active 6th-order Bandpass Subwoofer
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- Frequency response, Lower limit: 23Hz (-3 dB)
- Frequency response, Upper limits: 70-110Hz (-3 dB), preset dependent
- Max sustained output: 140dB SPL at 1 meter in a half-space (ground plane)
- Peak SPL: 143dB
- Drivers: Two 21" transducers - 4.5" CCAW voice coils and Neodymium motors
- Amplifiers: 5000 Watts Class D (2 x 2500W )
- Capable of delivering peak output voltage up to 160V and peak current output up to 40A with an upper limit of 2500 Watts power to each voice coil/driver.
- Integrated comprehensive DSP. 96kHz sampling rate with 8 onboard touch of a button presets include. All presets include high-pass filters, low-pass filters, equalization, phase alignment, and multi-stage limiting.
- Cardioid mode is available when using multiple units for targeted sound control.

- Voltage Operating Range:
- Global power 90-250V AC, 50-60Hz (auto-sensing, auto switching universal power supply)
- Full amplifier output power is available on 110V + AC Power

- I/O:
- Electrical:
- Connector Amp: Neutrik powerCON True 1 TOP - IP65 rated connectors
- Connector Mains: Standard US 3-pin 120V electrical plug NEMA 5-15 (Edison) on included power cable

- Signal Connectors:
- Input: XLR-F
- Output: XLR-M (direct pass-through only)

- ControlBASS Network:
- EtherCON / RJ45 x 2 (Cascading LAN)

- Enclosure:
- CNC Machined18mm Marine Grade Birch plywood with extensive bracing and dado joinery.
- Equipped with 4 steel bar handles and 4 UHMWPE sliders/feet
- 35mm pole sockets are provided on all 4 sides.

- Net Weight: 294 lbs.
- Shipping Weight: 330 lbs
- Cabinet Dims: 28" x 48" x 36" (28.5" high w/ feet) - (horizontally positioned)
- Finish: Weatherproof, black textured, bonded, high-pressure polyurea coating

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