Blue enCORE 200 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Upgrade your live vocals with this phantom-powered dynamic microphone! The enCORE 200 delivers BLUE-quality performance with exceptional detail and clarity.

The Blue enCORE 200 dynamic vocal microphone brings studio-grade audio capture to the stage, with a unique "active dynamic" design that utilizes phantom power to deliver a hotter, more consistent signal and lower noise. This mic's Aria capsule makes it an ideal companion for vocals, with a 50 Hz - 16 kHz frequency response tailored to reproduce vocals. A discreet indicator light lets you know when phantom power is engaged, and a rugged heavy-gauge barrel with an electro-plated finish holds up well to the tests and trials of the regularly gigging musician. The enCORE 200's cardioid pattern gives you a nice directional capture, so you'll avoid feedback and unwanted bleed more easily during your performance. Whether you use it on stage or for broadcast, this microphone will add an air of sonic finesse to your vocals.

Studio-grade Vocals for the Stage

Your BLUE enCORE 200 mic offers studio-grade performance in a fashion that's suitable for live scenarios as well as recording sessions. This baby is fitted with an Aria dynamic capsule that's tuned to capture vocals from 50 Hz to 16 kHz. A maximum SPL of 147 dB SPL will assure you that your signal won't distort easily even at extremely loud levels.

Active Dynamic Phantom Power Circuit

Unlike your typical dynamic mic, the enCORE 200 is an active dynamic -- powered by +48V phantom power. There is a discreet indicator light on the barrel of this baddie to notify you when read more the phantom power circuit is engaged. This innovative active circuit keeps noise levels down and out of your signal while keeping your tone nice and consistent. An additional output transformer allows this baby to dish out surprisingly high output levels.

Rugged Design and Cool Looks

The robust heavy-gauge construction of this dynamic mic will stand up to the test of time and rigors of the road. A laser-engraved trim ring, CNC machined grip, and a cool hand-painted logo add a reminder of the craftsmanship than went into designing this awesome tool. Though the enCORE 200 is designed for vocals, there's nothing stopping you from experimenting with capturing guitars or other midrange-focused instruments during your recording sessions.


- Dynamic microphone tailored for live or broadcast vocals
- Wide frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz
- Maximum SPL handling of 147 dB
- Output impedance of 25 ohms
- Dynamic moving coil transducer
- Aria Dynamic Capsule provides articulate and clear capture
- Cardioid polar pattern
- Rugged heavy gauge construction with electro-plated finish
- Low-key indicator light for when phantom power is engaged
- Innovative Active Dynamic phantom power circuit keeps noise levels low
- Soft-grip microphone clip and storage pouch included
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Transducer Type: Dynamic Moving Coil

Polar Pattern: Cardoid

Frequency Response: 50Hz - 16kHz

Sensitivity: 2.25mV/PA

Output Impedance: 25 Ohms

Maximum SPL: 147dB SPL

Weight: 0.88 lbs. / 0.4 kg

Dimensions - Length: 185mm / 7.3 in.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 818-879-5200

Blue enCORE 200 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Everything BLUE has learned from years of building studio recording microphones has gone into the enCORE 200, a studio-quality handheld dynamic microphone designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance, no matter what your application.

A Better Handheld Vocal Mic -- For Live or Broadcast

The enCORE 200's Aria dynamic capsule is specially tuned by Blue's capsule engineers to deliver natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, with an additional output transformer to provide remarkably high output levels. Coupled with Blue's Active Dynamic phantom power circuit, the enCORE 200 is an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications, providing remarkably consistent tone and low noise in any setup. The unique, durable finishes and high-quality craftsmanship guarantee your enCORE mic delivers a lifetime of great performances.

Phantom Power for a Dynamic Mic? Yes.

The enCORE 200's phantom-powered dynamic capsule delivers the rugged durability of a dynamic with the benefits of an active circuit onboard -- namely, consistent sound across different setups and cable runs. The mic sports a very low-key (yet cool-looking) indicator light on back to indicate phantom power is active. The active dynamic setup also allows the output to be electronically transformed, giving the user over 4 dB of extra output gain.


- Aria Dynamic Capsule for amazing detail and clarity
- Blue's innovative Active Dynamic phantom power circuit
- Output transformer for increased gain before feedback
- Cardioid polar pattern for high off-axis noise rejection
- Unique capsule mount for incredibly low handling noise
- Stage-ready, heavy-gauge construction
- Unique styling and remarkable craftsmanship
- Includes soft-grip microphone clip and storage pouch
- Get studio-quality sound with Blue's Aria Dynamic Capsule
- Blue's unique Active Dynamic phantom power circuit provides consistent tone & low noise in any setup
- Amazingly consistent tone and incredibly low noise via Blue's Active Dynamic phantom power circuit
- Stage-ready durability from fully-reinforced construction and electro-plated finish
- Separate your performance from the crowd with enCORE 200's stand-out design and craftsmanship

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Submitted April 5, 2012 by Chris Garrow in Clarksville, TN
"Great Mic"
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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First there was a buzz but i used the ground on TC Helicon Pedal and that corrected the problem. the phantom power is awesome. we sing in church and at small venues for around 200; my wife has a very low volume voice, so this mic picks up her vocals really well; infact the harmonies were too loud for the first time! So it works for that; and it looks amazing.
Musical Background:
Guitar; Piano; Vocals: play churches and small gigs
Musical Style:
Comtemperary Christian; Rock; Blues
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