Audix FP7 Fusion 7 Drum Microphone Package

Audix FP7 Fusion 7 Drum Microphone Package

Mic and record a variety of drums, percussion and acoustic instruments with the Audix FP7 Fusion 7 drum mic package. The kit includes an aluminum case.

Audix Fusion 6 Drum Microphone Package

No longer available at zZounds
6-piece Drum Mic Package - Affordable Quality
The Fusion 6 is a prepackaged set of microphones that offer quality, durability, and affordability. The Fusion series microphones, which provide performance characteristics of products costing many times more, are very useful for rehearsal, small club, school, or as a second set microphones.

All mics come with integrated microphone clip and are packed inside a foam lined aluminum carrying case for safe keeping when the products are not in use.


F10 (three) - Snare, Toms, Congas, Timbale, Guitar Cabs

The F10 is a cardioid dynamic microphone tuned to capture the resonant frequencies of percussive instruments requiring low mid-bass to upper-bass reproduction. The F10 has a frequency range of 50 Hz - 12 kHz and the ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 135 dB.

F12 (one) - Floor Tom, Kick Drum, Djemb, Cajon,

The F12 is a dynamic cardioid designed for instruments requiring low frequency to mid-frequency reproduction. The F12 has a frequency range of 40 Hz - 10 kHz and the ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 135 dB.
Other features include a durable steel grill, die cast zinc body, and integrated mic clip.

F15 (two) - Overheads, cymbals, hi-hat, percussion toys, goodie table

The F15 is a condenser instrument microphone designed for instruments requiring detailed reproduction in mid-high and extended high end frequency ranges. Characterized with a tailored frequency response of 100 Hz - 20 read more kHz, the F15 is ideally suited for drum overheads and percussion toys. A wide
cardioid pick-up pattern along with high sensitivity allows for overhead and distance miking.

Other features include a durable die cast body with integrated mic clip.
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (503) 682-6933 / (800) 966-826
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"Audix Drum Mics Overall The Best"
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I expect to keep this set until I'm done using it and at this point if it was lost or stolen I'd buy exactly the same again. It's better than just "bang for the buck" mentality. I've been a tech since 1983 and a road musician for 15 years befor that. Ive worked every type of show from acoustic solo guitar/vocal to 80 piece Philharmonic orchestra and every type of live show in between. I've used 421's (great sound/terrible clip) Still use RE27's but for drums it's f series for my B rig and D series for my A rig.In general I like everything about the product execpt for the cheaper clips. The D series clips are great ..hard rubber instead of hard plastic that breaks.

while the sm57 was my mic of choice for snare(live sound reinforcement)upon replacing it with the f10 I found a new sense of depth and fullness that was missing from the 57 and definately lost the hi-hat bleed. The only mic I would consider a step up (in a reasonable price range) would be the Audix D1.

The built in "clips" are convenient for the f 10's and 12 but you need to take your time in set up to avoid possible cross threading or stripping. The plactic clips for the f15's (pencil condensers)could be heavier but so far no problem.

Ease of Use
I find the set up very simple ...want more bass aim mic closer to rim want more attack ...aim a stick impact point..or vary in between to achieve your sound..No brainer.

The read more casings are not in the same league with the D series but they can take a hit (more than once) and keep on working...I really can't say that about the eight or nine 57's I have sitting in a box in my garage.

I've yet to see a kit in this price range (or even $100 more) that even comes close to the performance and reliability.

Manufacturer Support
I have not had to deal with audix concerning the F series mics but I did have an older large diaphragm condenser that was years out of warrantyn that went dead and they swapped me a new one with warranty at a ridiculous price and in a very timely manner. Probably one of the best companies I've ever had to deal with.

The Wow Factor
Form follows function. I does the job very well and is not obtrusive. Yes it's not the "classy/flassy" look of an RE 20/27 or a Senn. 421 but for the weekend warrior that want a dependable no hassle set up and good to great sound (depending on your system and your tech) and not have to come up with the extra coin of a shure kit. In my world thats as sexy as 36-24-36.

Musical Background:
Professional Sound tech and Speaker Designer/Manufacturer

Musical Style:
soul/country/pop/funk/rock/metal classical/folk
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