A Tempo Percussion CJCONGALG Conga Cajon

No longer available at zZounds
A Tempo Percussion has crafted a truly musical instrument: a versatile powerhouse that combines the slap tone of a conga with the mellow timbre of a cajon.

This drum is part cajon, part conga, but with a sound all its own. It has the mellow, woody timbre of a cajon, but with a more melodic tone and the ability to create the loud "crack" sound of a conga slap tone. Just like a conga, the percussionist can play melodic rhythms with multiple instruments. The key to the musical tone is the sealed tube which adds harmonics for a lively set of overtones. With sturdy rubber feet and an included gig bag, these instruments are gig-ready and much lighter and more portable than traditional congas.

Hear and see the Conga Cajons in action with this demo:


- Part Cajon, part conga, a sound all its own.
- Mellow, woody timbre of a cajon
- Melodic tone and ability to create the loud crack of a slap tone
- Play melodic rhythms with multiple instruments
- Harmonics created by a sealed tube create a lively musical character
- Lightweight compared to congas
- Sturdy rubber feet
- Gig Bag Included
- Made in Peru

- Dimensions: (H x W x D) 28 x 13 x 13"
- Frame composition: solid pieces of Monterey Pine
- Tapa composition: Spanish Cedar and Lupuna
- Included accessories: padded gig bag

No longer available at zZounds

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