ART Tube MP Project Series Microphone Preamp

ART Tube MP Project Series Microphone Preamp

Get huge tube sound from a small box! This mic preamp gives you 70 dB of tube gain, phantom power, high/low impedance, 40 Hz low-cut, FET limiting and more.

ART Tube MP Studio Microphone Preamp

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Warm up any signal with this tube mic preamp! The awesomely affordable ART Tube MP Studio is a killer upgrade to the built-in mic pres on your interface.

Like the ART Tube MP, the ART Tube MP Studio has professional features like a hand-selected 12AX7a tube, phantom power and Phase Reverse -- which have made the Tube MP a staple in thousands of studios worldwide.

The Tube MP Studio goes even further, with the inclusion of ART's OPL (Output Protection Limiter), which protects the next link in your signal chain -- like a sound card or any digital processor.

The Tube MP Studio also includes an analog VU meter for measurement of the unit's output level, which enables the user to keep his signal consistent with desired levels.

The meter also reflects the impact of the OPL circuitry on the signal. For example, if the signal is "in the red" on the meter, the meter will reflect the attenuation of the signal when the OPL is activated.

The Tube MP Studio can be used in a wide variety of applications, including recording, project, and home studios -- as a microphone preamp, and as a world-class direct box for bass guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, and just about anything else that needs the ART Tube touch.

The Tube MP Studio is a great upgrade from low-quality mixer preamps...why record with anything else?


- Makes microphones sound big, warm, and full. The Tube MP Studio is fantastic on vocal mics!
- OPL Limiter helps protect soundcards, hard disk recorders, and any other processing from becoming overloaded. You get the most out of your processor!
- VU metering helps you keep your signal at your desired level.
- Plug read more in a sythesizer or keyboard, and hear how warm and full they can really sound!
- Bassists: the Tube MP Studio is perhaps the ultimate direct box for bass guitars...for recording and live use.
- Acoustic guitarists are also discovering how great their instruments sound through the Tube MP Studio...warm and full!


- Analog VU Meter
- OPL Output Protection Limiter
- Hand-selected 12AX7A vacuum tube
- Variable Input and Output Gain Controls
- Provides over 60 dB of Gain
- +48 Phantom Power Switch
- Phase Reversal Switch
- XLR and 1/4" Inputs and Outputs
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Analog VU Meter

OPL Output Protection Limiter

Hand-Selected 12AX7A Vacuum Tube

Variable Input and Output Gain Controls

Provides over 60 dB of Gain

+48 Phantom Power Switch

Phase Reversal Switch

XLR and 1/4 in. Inputs and Outputs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 716-297-2920

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (90 ratings)
Submitted January 6, 2021 by Rick Jones in Edinburgh, IN
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I placed my order for the ART TUBE MP STUDIO mic pre-amp/leveler last afternoon at 2:57 PM. Fed-Ex had the package at my door at 9:57 AM. Seventeen hours? Wow. And that was the free shipping option!I was awake all night reading reviews on various forums. The overall bad reviews and negative comments deflated my excitement.They were mostly wrong, IMHO. Gave it a test with a Shure SM57 on three scratch vocal tracks into my Tascam DP24-SD. My fears were unfounded. This little beauty worked wonders.Is it perfect? No, but what piece of gear is? I can't wait until the blood clot in my lung is healed to sing to my heart's content. Before, I was always disappointed with the sound of my vocal tracks.With the ART, I didn't have to wear myself out pushing my voice into the mic - the days of feeling like I'm working too hard at singing are behind me now. And for $49! I'm very happy.When I can afford a decent condenser mic, it will be even better. Thanks zZounds for such quick service.

Very clear on my voice with the right amount of "air." There was no muddiness that I could discern. Super easy to use and super good looking piece of gear.

I think it works just fine. Haven't really tried it on any instruments. As per some reviews I've read elsewhere, the VU meter doesn't really show accurately, but its a beautiful, classy- looking addition to the overall unit.

Ease of Use
It was easy read more enough to dial in a good tone for my voice. Is there some noise? Yes, but not enough to notice in a mix.

All-metal casing. Solid knobs and buttons. Extremely attractive and has enough weight to it to make it feel much more expensive. I don't know about the inner workings, but, if they're close the quality if the casing, then, it should last for years.

Its at the right price. No buyer's remorse at all.

Manufacturer Support
Haven't had to contact them this soon, as I just received my unit.

The Wow Factor
The design, which is gorgeous, and the feel of the ART TUBE MP STUDIO would look great just sitting on a shelf or a fireplace mantle. It exudes a coolness that most of my other gear doesn't.

Musical Background:
45+ years trying to compose and record sinegs I hope people will enjoy.

Musical Style:
Short pop songs. They've been likened to Guided By Voices, which I think is more praise than I deserve.
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