ARP 2600 M-Limited Synthesizer (with Keyboard and Case)

No longer available at zZounds
Get the same modular layout and rich analog sound as the full-size model with the compact ARP 2600 M-Limited synthesizer. Includes microKEY237 controller.

The ARP2600 full-size reissue sold out in days. The M-limited model provides the same incredible sound, features, and quality in a more compact and desktop-friendly format.

One of the most iconic analog synthesizers ever released, faithfully reissued and offered in a desktop-friendly size. Flexible semi-modular design for signature sounds and expansive possibilities for synthesists. Plug and play controller compatibility and USB MIDI. Both models come with a custom roller case and patch cables.


- Classic three-oscillator, duophonic, semi-modular analog synthesizer
- Complete series of patch points and faders as found on the original
- Stereo speakers on-board
- Spring reverb on-board, redesigned to provide the lushness of the reverb found in the full-size model
- Powers and accepts standard MIDI messages from any USB controller
- All the power of the full-size model at 20.5" wide and only 13 l bs.
- Limited Edition model come with a microKEY237 included

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No longer available at zZounds

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