Arobas Music Guitar Pro 8 Software Plug-in

Read or compose guitar tabulature and music notation with Guitar Pro 8! The software also works for bass, ukulele, piano, drums, and many other instruments.

Guitar Pro is a software program available on Windows and Mac OS that allows all musicians to read, write and share their tablatures. The world leader in tablature editing, Guitar Pro has been downloaded over 15 million times worldwide since 1997.

The software is compatible with many instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, piano, ukulele and many others! You can make tablatures for each instrument, scroll the music score, write your music and use many pedagogical tools such as a chord dictionary or a scale library. Transposition features are also available to easily transcribe your songs from one instrument to another.

Whether you're a music teacher, a transcriber, a composer, a songwriter, a tablature book editor, a solo musician or in a band, Guitar Pro adapts to all your needs, and saves you precious time in making progress on the guitar or any other instrument.

The Guitar Pro software suite is also available as a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android. You can thus use your tablature player or your tabbing application on all your devices: computer, tablet or smartphone.

- Write:
Guitar Pro allows you to compose and read music scores using the musical notation of your favorite instrument. Display the tablature notation to learn guitar riffs or use the standard notation to read music score for piano, drums, brass and strings. Rediscover also the Slash notation to sight-read easily rhythmic patterns from chord charts.

- Play:
Hit play and the tab automatically read more scrolls on. A highlighted cursor lets you know which note is being played and the sound engine reproduces all of the effects specific to the guitar: pickstroking and fingerpicking, bend, slide and ghost notes. You can also adjust tempo or use the speed trainer to loop a section of the score while inscreasing the bpm (beat per minute).

- Mix:
Drive your Guitar Pro files with the instrument's global view available below the sheet music. It allows you to have a synthetic view of the instrument tracks and thus to easily move around it. You can define various sections in a score, such as intro, verse, or chorus. Audio mixing features are included in this overview. You can mute one or several tracks, and choose to show or hide them. Simply solo/mute the tracks you want as if you were playing along with your band.

- Enjoy practicing:
Play along your score with an audio file such as a song or a backing track. Relative tempo and detune mode are also compatible with the audio track.

- Edit easily:
Synchronize your audio file with your score to transcribe songs easily.

- Share your knowledge:
Insert an audio file containing a recording of your teaching instructions for your music students or your band members.


- Focus/Unfocus track: Quickly amplify or attenuate the selected track to create a volume contrast with the other tracks.
- Work on your rhythm with the visual metronome: Play with the visual metronome and countdown displayed over the LCD screen.
- Fix the tempo: Ignore tempo changes and automations in the score to easily learn new songs and riffs.
- Change the relative speed: Press +/- keys to speed up or slow down the relative speed or fixed tempo of your song during the playback.
- Lock the sound of the line-in: You can now lock your preset using the line-in to keep the same sound while changing tracks or even when you close a file.
- Easily create your own effects chain and mastering with the pedalboard.
- Adjust the sound precisely: Customize the duration, the offset and the relative velocity of each note of your score.
- Mix the drum set: Adjust the sound of the drum set and percussion tracks by setting the volume and pan of each element.
- Pre-listen to the soundbanks while playing your tabs: Mouse over the sound presets to get an audio preview while your score is playing.
- Design options: Move and adjust the placement of each beat. Align the bars easily with the automatic guideline.
- Stylesheet options: Set the spacing of the chords diagram in the score header, the systems, the staff and the scale diagrams. Customize the font of the music symbols. Edit the font and text of numerous score indications like: palm muting, slap, pop, rasgueado, pick scrape and more.
- Scale diagrams: Edit and insert scale diagrams in your scores for guitars from 3 to 10 strings and up to 24 frets. Customize the diagrams by changing the shape, color and text of the dots representing the notes, and change the orientation of the diagram on your scores.
- Increase your productivity: The command palette is like shortcuts on steroids! Get quick and direct access to Guitar Pro's notation options to edit your scores and boost your productivity massively!
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