Arturia Dist OPAMP 21 Effect Software

Cut through the mix with this amp-like stereo distortion plug-in -- perfect for dialing in warm saturation or really tearing a tone to shreds!

Dist OPAMP-21 is a distortion and saturation effect inspired by a guitar pedal cult classic, known for its direct amp-like sound. Add mix-cutting punch, harmonic color, and pure aggression to any sound with a certified studio legend enhanced for DAW production.

Studio-to-Stage Saturation
Whether it's that gritty rough edge, that in-your-face impact, or that final transparent boost you're after, Dist OPAMP-21 delivers the full range of crisp, urgent, colorful distortion and saturation that you've been looking for.

Amp-like distortion
Dist OPAMP-21 delivers a unique flavor of solid state guitar amp-style grit; responsive, organic, immediate, and as hot as you need it to be.

Character unlocked
Explore hundreds of possible distortion configurations with Dist OPAMP-21's deceptively simple controls; combine its four modes with up to eight 'character' switches to find your own crunchy flavor.

Amped Sound In a Few Clicks
Sometimes a sound just needs a little 'more'. Maybe it's more volume, more detail, more sustain, more warmth, or more presence -- whatever it is, you want 'more' of it. That's where Dist OPAMP-21 comes in.

Reinvigorate any sound with the thrill of guitar amp presence, the harmonic depth of cascaded op-amp circuitry, and that elusive sense of 'more' that sometimes only analog distortion can bring. The best bit? Get all this and more in a few clicks, no audio expertise necessary.

From mix-smoothing saturation to all-out distorted attitude, Dist OPAMP-21 is a go-to read more that you never realized you needed. Perfect for when your guitars need extra richness and bite in a mix, your vocals need a touch of extra presence and a grungy edge, or your drums could use a little extra punch - once it's engaged and cranked in your mix, you'll never look back.

A Direct Hit
Let's step back in time to the late '80s, at a time when the world of music technology was witnessing innovation after innovation.

Sampling was fast becoming the in-thing, analog synthesizers were being upstaged by their sharper digital descendents, and guitar players were discovering the compact, reliable, consistent alternative to valve amps that was solid state technology.

This growing demand in alternatives to the old-school of heavy, temperamental amps was answered by a number of manufacturers and industry names, who raced to emulate the elusive tube sound - that's where Tech 21* came in. The SansAmp(R)* was released in 1989, and it was a guitar pedal that immediately looked like it had a lot going on under the hood. More than just a distortion pedal, this little black box was designed to give guitarists a convincing amped-up sound straight into the desk. To this day, it's considered the first 'amp in a box' solution offered to musicians.

By today's standards, its amp emulation may not be perfect. But, like many innovative and novel bits of gear, it ultimately transcended its original purpose. Its relative wealth of controls, modes, and coloration options made it a surprisingly effective saturator, great for injecting grit and warmth into any sound. Its notoriety landed it in the hands of countless musicians, from Kurt Cobain's iconic screaming guitars to Tchad Blake's signature parallel saturation heard on records by Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, and many more. Today, Dist OPAMP-21 puts all that op-amp character - and more - right in your DAW.


- Stereo distortion and saturation effect with emulated op-amp circuit behavior
- 4 modes of virtual preamp:
- MODERN: flat EQ, no coloration
- NORMAL: Mesa Boogie-style preamps
- LEAD: Marshall-style preamps
- BASS: Fender-style preamps
- Combine up to 8 'Character' switches:
- Mid Boost 1
- Mid Boost 2
- Low Drive
- Clean Amp
- Bright Switch
- Vintage Tubes
- Speaker Edge
- Close Miking
- Drive, Presence, and High controls for customizing your distortion sound
- Stereo mode selector: L-R, Mid, Side
- Added Dry/Wet control for parallel processing
- Pre-Drive high-pass and low-pass filters with Curve low-end emphasis
- 3-band Output EQ with visualizer
- 2 Oversampling modes for supreme audio quality or lower latency performance
- A/B comparison
- NKS-ready
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