Quantegy DA8 Hi-8 Tape, 113 Minutes

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High output consistency, low dropouts.
Reba McEntire, Queen Latifah, Metallica, Neil Young, and Eric Clapton are just a few examples of artists that have used Ampex Audio Tape exclusively in the mastering of albums that have achieved Gold status. In fact, more artists, engineers, and studios go gold on Ampex Analog and Digital Audio Tape than all other brands combined.

Though the name has changed from Ampex to Quantegy, the quality professionals expect from their analog and digital tape is higher than ever. Recently, Quantegy added the revolutionary GP9 Series to its growing audio product line.

When every note has to be pure gold, the best recording artists in the world demand Quantegy. In the motion picture and television business, Quantegy is the name you hear most often from the pros. Virtually every motion picture released from Hollywood this year featured a soundtrack recorded on Quantegy. Everything from the score of "Titanic" to the dialogue in "Saving Private Ryan" was mixed on Quantegy product.

DA8 8mm media for DTRS systems meets and exceeds the demands of today's audio post-production professional. The tape formulation used in the DA8 product has been designed to meet the low error rate and high fidelity requirements of today's recording professional. New low friction binders and smoother tape surfaces help guide the DA8 tape through the DTRS transports with gentle but extremely accurate precision.

DA8 is an advanced metal particle tape that has been formulated to ensure high output levels, minimum read more error rates, and exceptional durability. DA8 utilizes a rugged shell that contributes to both the exceptional output stability and low dropout performance that is required by this industry. This unique combination gives DTRS users the superior audio performance they require.

3 Audio Specific lengths: True 30, 60, and 113 minutes

Compatible with DTRS requirements

Designed for audio professionals

Audio Labeling systems including APRS/SPARS color-coded labels

Insert card written in terms understood by audio professionals

High Output consistency, Low Dropouts

Shelf Case for convenient user identification and product protection
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Magnetic Properties
Magnetic Particle: Advanced Metal Pahicle

Coercivity (Hc): 1500 Oe; 119 kA/m *1

Retentivity (Br): 2300 Gs; 230 mT *2

Physical Tape Properties *3
Base Material: PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate)

Tape Width: 8mm (0.315")

Leader: Anti-static polysester

Back Coating: Special Carbon Blend

Magnetic Layers: 3.5mm (0.138 mils)

Base Film: 7.0mm (0.275 mils)

Back Coating: 0.4mm (0.016 mils)

Total Thickness: 10.9 mm (0.430 mils)

Other Specifications
Audio Properties of DTRS Format

Frequency Response: 20 H to 20 kHz

Dynamic Range: Greater than 90 dB

Record Lock Out: User controlled slide tab

1. Coercivity is the magnetic field required to reduce the magnetization of a saturated magnetic specimen to zero. Coercivity is a direct measure of the bias current requirement of a tape.

2. Retentivity is the maximum remanent magnetization possible in a magnetic material. The long wavelength saturated output is directly proportional to the retentivity, measured in the same way as coercivity.

3. All physical measurements are made with Standard Gauges, 8000 Series, Smart Box.

Coercivity and retentivity values are obtained from a 60 Hz B-H loop tester with 1000 Oersted field calibrated to that maintained by the National Bureau of Standards.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 770-335-6910
Submitted November 7, 2009
"the industry standard,from the 90s,long live the da88 and the quantergy hi 8 tapes."
as a diminishing technology its good to see this product still available,if not in australia where i am ,atleast i can still get my hands on a truly professional product.i have allways been fan of ampex or quantergy as they now like to call it.i have as an experiment reused some of the da8 tapes untold times (untold because i didnt keep track,no pun intended)and have not had any problems.these tapes have a thin polomer coating so the oxide particles stay intact longer and the tape housing is well designed,and hey,its not the sound of the tape your hearing,its only storing 0s and 1s ,its the sound of your dacs and power supplies.
Musical Background:
recording engineer
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