Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro II High Gain Distortion Pedal

Preamp or effect pedal? You decide with the Tight Metal Pro II! Amptweaker's all-analog distortion box gives you a bevy of high-gain tone-sculpting tools.
Designed by iconic high-gain amp guru James Brown, the Tight Metal Pro II redefines rock/metal tone and the very definition of total sonic brutality. In addition to a full assortment of high-gain tones and switching capabilities, the Tight Metal Pro II now includes Depth Finder and DiFizzerator processing built in for even more tone sculpting abilities.

Perfect for live and studio, the Tight Metal Pro II has included a balanced DI, cab sim and headphone output in addition to three separate loops for multiple processing and switching combinations.

All analog circuitry -- none of the latency associated with digital technology. Better dynamics, better response, better tone.

Ultimate tool for recording -- A Swiss Army knife of tools to create perfect tracks quickly and easily. No fumbling through menus or subpages. Turn a knob-get the sound. EQ, Noise Gate, Depth Finder, DeFizzerator, Balanced Output, Cab Simulator all available and ready to go!

Can be used as a preamp or effect pedal: Connect the Tight Metal Pro II directly into the effects return on an amplifier or directly into a power amp for a full sonic assault or simply run it in into the clean channel of a favorite amp.
Built in noise gate-Fast and responsive to keep everything TIGHT!

Depth Finder -- Simulate the response of a tube power up with an all analog circuit design. Control Resonance and Presence. Warm up a solid-state amp or add depth to a direct recording track.

DeFizzerator -- Take out some of the excessive high read more end associated with some amps and speakers in high-gain mode.

Effects Loops -- Three distinct and incredibly useful effects loops conveniently located on the back of the box for easy access and configuration.

Global Loop -- Works when the pedal is on. Great for EQ/Reverb etc.

Boost Loop -- Works whenever the Boost switch is activated. Great for creating the perfect lead tone. Use it to place delay, reverb or other effects that are used during solos.

Side Track -- Use as an A/B switcher between amps-clean dirty etc. OR an ancillary loop for additional effects when the Tight Metal Pro II is not active.

Two Boost Controls -- One before and one after the distortion.

9V or 18V -- Run at 18V for more headroom or 9V for more drive & compression
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Hi-Gain Preamp for Recording or Live Performance
- DeFizzerator Built In
- Depth Finder Built In
- Noise Gate
- Resonance & Presence Power Amp Style EQ
- 3 Band EQ w/Smooth Edge & Thrash Switch
- Three Effect Loops (Global/Boost/Side Track)
- Speaker Simulator
- Balanced DI
- Headphone Output
- Dual Boost Controls via Boost Footswitch
- Gain, Tight & Volume Controls
- Runs at 9V or 18V
- Current: 39mA with 9V adapter (Power Supply NOT Included)
- Weight: 3 lbs.
- Dims: 5.63" W X 5" D X 2.13" H
- Made in the USA
- 5 Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): AMT TMPROII
Warehouse Resealed
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): NFS AMTTMPROII
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