Alesis XT20 ADAT Multi-Track Recorder

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20-bit digital audio recorder.
XT20 Digital Recorder
The ADAT-XT20 provides an amazing new standard in audio quality for professional multi-track recording while remaining completely compatible with the huge foundation of over 110,000 ADATs in use worldwide. Using ADAT Type II, the only modular digital multitrack recording format that writes 20 bits to tape, the XT20 raises the measure of sonic excellence that ADAT recorders have established since their introduction in 1991.

The XT20 improves upon the capabilities of earlier models of ADAT and other digital recording formats by recording 8 tracks of true, linear 20-bit digital audio onto tape, without using external converters or multiplexers. No other modular digital multitrack recording format currently manufactured offers this capability. Rather than just a 25 increase, the jump from 16-bit to 20-bit recording provides audio quality that's 16 times more detailed than the 16-bit sound of compact discs, resulting in a wider dynamic range, lower quantization distortion, higher headroom, and lower noise.

To complement its 20-bits-to-tape capabilities, the XT20 uses the latest ultra-high fidelity 20-bit oversampling digital converters. The XT20 uses the same Optical Digital Interface and Synchronization Interface as other ADATs, so it may easily be implemented into an existing system. For more advanced production work, the XT20 provides built-in digital editing features (Track Copy, Tape Offset and Track Delay) and read more a 10-point autolocator/numerical input system. Plus, its solid die-cast aluminum chassis is designed to isolate the power supply and keep the transport aligned for heavy-duty applications. To get audio to and from tape, the XT20 provides both a servo-balanced 56-pin connector and unbalanced -10dBV inputs and outputs on phono (RCA) connectors.

For direct digital connection, the ADAT Optical Digital Interface carries up to 8 tracks at once completely in the digital domain. As a serious improvement to the world standard in modular digital multitracks, the XT20 provides the sonic quality and features you demand for professional recording.
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Recording Format: ADAT Type I (16-bit), ADAT Type II (20-bit) rotary head digital recording

Audio Channels: 8

Digital Conversion: Record (A/D): 20 bit linear, 128 times oversampling, single converter per channel; Playback (D/A): 20 bit linear, 128 times oversampling, single converter per channel

Sample Rate: 44.1 /48kHz, Selectable

Frequency Response: 20Hz 20 kHz, ± 0.5dB

Dynamic Range: 102 dB, A-weighted

Distortion: 0.003 THD

Wow and Flutter: Unmeasurable

Analog Inputs/Outputs: (Balanced) One ELCOå connector (in/out), (Unbalanced) Sixteen phono (RCA) jacks (8 input, 8 output)

Digital Inputs/Outputs: 8-channel ADAT Optical jacks (1 in, 1 out)

Synchronization: ADAT Sync Input and Output

Dimensions (W x H x D): 190 x 5.25 x 11" (133 x 483 x 280mm)

Weight: 20 lbs. (9.5 kg)
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5760
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"The Alesis XT20 makes multitrack recording and editing so easy, saves time and is as good as any multitrack recording equiptment"
when it eventually wears out like everything does I'm getting another. In fact I'm sure I'll own another before the one I own wears out. What I wish I knew? well, seven years ago I paid $3500 for my Alesis XT20. Today I could buy three for less but honestly what I like best is this AZDAT is worth even more than I paid
Alesis ADAT XT20 is the best multitrack recording device I've ever used or even zseen. I'm very demanding and I couldn't ask for anything more when I'm recording in the stuido, live, editing, overdubbing. I'll let you find your own secrets how you can get the maxium out of this and keep mine for my own advantage
every other component I've used in addition to my ADAT has made it possible to get the most out of the other equiptment.
I've had mine 7 years and have only needed routine maintence. mine is in a road case because I perfer live recording and I'm not givine the XT20 "10's" because I'm a nice guy, Alesis earned it with this ADAT.
Manufacturer Support
I've only had one Alesis product give me trouble, the HR16 Drum machine. I sent it to their factory with a letter explaining my problem, they fixed it and mailed it back for free.
The Wow Factor
High power amps, heavy duty speakers and quality, high performance music equiptment trun me on
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