Alesis MultiMix 8FIREWIRE 8-Channel Mixer with Firewire

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Multimix mixers only support operation under Windows XP Home and XP Pro.
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"IF it would only work as advertised, I would be in heaven."
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IF IT WOULD WORK, I would be happy. Moving from the studio to the stage and into the field with the mixer is my goal. As it stands now, it is sill a dream.
Oh god, where to begin. First off, I used a Midiman 1010 for years with no troubles at all...Video editing in Premiere, Vegas, Music with Acid 4 and 5, Reason, (using rewire and stand alone, Wavelab. The idea of this mixer is great. The reality is not so great. You have to switch between ASIO and WDM depending on the program. Does not like to play with other fire wire devices, even if fire wire is on a different chanel.
Like I said above, the IDEA is amazing. After two firmware updates and three driver updates, this mixer ALMOST works. Still having trouble with VST instruments in Cubase and Acid. I am ready to un install and re install my 1010 so I can determine once and for all if the mixer is the culprit.
The thing is built like a tank, and in ASIO mode is totally quiet. For a basic setup it should work really well. For me, I simply use too many devices! Some need ASIO, (acid), and others need WDM, (encore and premiere) Sucks for me.
IF THIS WOULD WORK, it would be worth a 10! Right now, I am not so sure. I may end up sending it back, if the 1010 re install fixes my problems.
Manufacturer Support
Alesis has been really responsive. I'll give them that. My hunch is I am not alone.
The Wow Factor
IF IT WOULD WORK, it would the the balls!
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Engineer, editor, composer
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Whatever the client wants
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