Alesis MultiMix 16USB Mixer with USB Audio

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Multimix mixers only support operation under Windows XP Home and XP Pro.
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"You will like this mixer!"
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Like everything Alesis I have owned, I will keep this mixer for quite a while. I am not using it as my main mixer, but as a keyboard and vocal submixer, so it doesn't have to be the best - it just has to be clean. This mixer does everything I wanted it to and more!

I don't have much to compare the sound of this mixer to, except for an older Behringer mixer that this one replaces and a second Alesis Studio 32 mixer. The preamps in this mixer sound slightly warmer than the Behringer did, and about the same as the Studio 32. Overall, the sound is very clean and well-defined without any perceptible noise at typical working levels.

The USB port in this mixer is veeeerrrryyyy cool, as it allows the mixer to function as a stereo I/O device for your computer. If you have a small studio, this may be the only I/O you need! The sound is CD quality and very clean, and you can monitor sounds on disk while recording new sounds. The only thing I wish it had is 24/96 capability, but for the price of this mixer that would be a definite luxury. There is also an SPDIF out for going straight to DAT or other SPDIF destination. Nice! The effects are pretty straight forward, but there is no way to tweak any of the settings, so if you are looking for a mixer with flexible effects this may not be the one for you. The effects are clean, though, and there are 100 of them to choose from, so chances are you read more will find something useful.

The pots are a little flimsy, as are all Alesis and other mixers in this price range, but I have never had problems with the pots. Pots have a nice damped feel, and the effects selection pot is a rotary-detent/push type. The faders are very smooth as well. All knobs and switches are easy to grasp, but may be a little small for someone with large hands. The top part of the chassis is metal and seems fairly well constructed, so it should withstand a few hard knocks. If I were gigging with it, I would definitely put it in a case.

For the features and price, this mixer is an incredible value. You can buy a Behringer for somewhat less that has a lot of the same features, but you won't get the USB capability or the SPDIF output. You can pay a little more for a Yamaha or a lot more for a Mackie, but you still won't have the digital I/O. For this price and these features, this mixer is hard to beat.

Manufacturer Support
I have had Alesis products for over 10 years, and they have never once failed on me, so I know nothing about their warranty/repair service. That's a good thing in my opinion! Their website has always had information if I have needed anything.

The Wow Factor
It is a nice blue color - a little lighter shade than the Yamaha MG series. The color coding of the knobs is useful for keeping things straight. If you do a lot of patching and repatching, the top-mounted connection panel is a plus. I really like being able to record directly from the mixer into the computer without using a separate sound card!

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