Alesis DM5 Pro Kit Electronic Drum Kit with DM5 Module

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Portable, easy-to-use and versatile, the Alesis DM5 Pro makes a great e-drum set for beginners. Its DM5 module delivers 540 drum sounds and 21 drum kits.

The Alesis DM5 Pro Kit is a high-quality, low-cost solution for a complete electronic drum kit, with professional sound and familiar, comfortable playability. Featuring quick setup and easy portability, combined with the DM5's versatile sound selection, drummers can practice quietly with headphones or get as loud as they need on-stage. Considering its portability and power, the DM5 functions equally well for recording or performing.


- Alesis Professional DM5 module containing 540 sounds and 21 programmable drum sets recorded in 48kHz, true stereo, with ambient effects in a single rack space module
- Dynamic Articulation feature allows drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard they're hit -- just like real drums
- Ultra-fast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs, 5 programmable parameters for each trigger
- 5 Piece velocity sensitive pad drum kit (5 drum pads) snare, 3 toms, kick, (3 cymbal pads) ride,crash and hi-hat
- Professional quality hardware with real drum shells, firm grip hardware mounts and heavy-duty Hi-hat control pedal
- All sounds recorded in true stereo at 48 kHz with ambient effects
- Random sample feature brings life to static tracks by realistically varying the sound of the drum as it is played
- All necessary interconnect cables included

* Kick pedal not included

- Audio Outputs: 4 (2 stereo pairs)
- Trigger Input Jacks: 12 (each with 5 user adjustable trigger parameters)
- DAC Bit Resolution:: 18-bit
- Sample Rate: 48kHz
- Sounds: Over 500; includes stereo samples with reverb, ambience and dynamic articulation
- Polyphony: 16 voice
- Panning: 7 position, user programmable
- Velocity Response: 127 levels of loudness via MIDI or trigger inputs
- Kits: 21 Memory locations w/defaults permanently stored in ROM
- MIDI Jacks: In, Out/Thru
- Headphone Jack: 1/4" TRS w/variable gain
- Switchable Footswitch Jack: 1/4" jack can be assigned to hi-hat or program advance mode
- Tuning Scheme: Coarse (chromatic) and fine (cents)
- Data Input: Data knob, front panel keypad (sound auditioning via velocity sensitive Preview button on front panel)
- Expanded Dynamic Articulation: Modulates tone and pitch
- Power: 9 VAC external transformer, UL and CSA approved
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 19 x 1.75 x 6"
- Weight: 4.5 lbs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5760

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"The Pros and Cons of the Alesis DM5 Pro."

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I don't expect to buy another electronic drum set anytime soon. Don't be discouraged by it on your first play. With patience and a little tweaking you can achieve most of which you have in mind.

Right out of the box, it sounds decent. The best sounding drum on it is the snare. I give it a 10. The dual zone feature was kinda glithy though. So I eventually just unplugged the rim tap feature from the module. I've never been a big rim tap kinda guy anyway. I really love the ride cymbal too. It's very crisp and clear, but you might need to decrease the sensitivity of the toms. I was getting a lot of crosstalk initially. I give the toms themselves a 9/10. The bass drum sounds great, but I'm uninterested in most of its voices. Seems that it may have double-bass capabilities too. I can double tap the bass with my Tama pedal if I place my foot further from the mallet and it sounds pretty good. The hi-hat serves its purpose but it isn't fantastic. Don't expect to achieve quick Neil Peart-like opening and closing. You can improve it by fiddling around in the module for awhile, but it will never be as accurate as a real hi-hat. 7/10. I use studio headphones to listen to it and to record I just plug it into my mixer. For live sound, I'd recommend running it through a PA or better yet a keyboard amp. Keyboard amps are designed to to produce the highs and lows of a keyboard. Bass amps and guitar amps can't pull it off.

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It has 20 preprogrammed drum kits on it. Most are fun to play with, especially the rap one. But I wouldn't consider recording with them. You can download another kit from Alesis but I haven't done so yet. You can make your own kits on here and you even have control over the tone of each drum so its very customizable.

Ease of Use
Like most things, it takes awhile to get used to it. But once you get the hang of it its a breeze to operate. Setup was a pain. Make sure you have plenty of room space and be patient. Allow yourself anywhere from one and a half too two hours to put it together. It comes with all the cords you'll need (minus midi cables of course), and if you don't have a drum key, don't worry. It has two of them. No screwdrivers, hammers or hacksaws are required. Most of the problems I encountered were small things I overlooked. So if you get stuck in assembly, don't toy with everything you already did to fix it. It's probably something simple, like improper alignment. I suggest two people for assembly. The bass pedal and expression pedal have velcro on the bottom, so if you're playing on carpet you don't have to worry about it moving around on you.

If everything's tightened correctly, it's pretty sturdy. Sure, the stand sways a bit when you play, but there's no chance of it falling over. The drum heads seem durable. If you live in a building with neighbors below you, you might consider getting a mat to put under it. From someone downstairs point-of-view, the bass drum sounds like someone erratically using a hammer.

After playing this kit, I'd buy it again for the exact same price if I had to. It can achieve most of what the more expensive kits do but for half the price.

Manufacturer Support
I haven't had to contact Alesis yet for any of their products that I own. I also own the Alesis Micron synthesizer and an 8 channel USB mixer by them and I've never had any problems that I couldn't fix on my own.

The Wow Factor
I was sitting in my chair at my computer, I looked over at it and I considered buying it flowers and asking it to come to Maui with me for a weekend.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Progressive Rock.
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