Akai MPD226 Drum Pad Controller

More than just a MIDI USB pad controller, the MPD226 gives you 16 backlit "Thick Fat" MPC drum pads, plus knobs, faders, and transport buttons for your DAW.

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Akai MPD24 USB/MIDI Pad Controller

No longer available at zZounds
16 MPC-style pads. 4 selectable pad banks. 6 assignable faders. 8 assignable 360 degree knobs.

Those pads! They're what put Akai's name on the map, and what continues to make their legendary MPC the serious hip-hop producer's go-to sampling weapon. Nothing, no nothing feels quite like an MPC. Except the Akai MPD24, that is. This no-nonsense USB/MIDI controller features no fewer than 16 genuine MPC pad triggers, plus a bunch of new features specifically designed to help you get the most out of your computer-based music production setup.

Turn Your Computer Into A True "Music Production Center"
If you're familiar with making music on an MPC, you'll be right at home on the MPD24. If you've never used an MPC before, prepare to get intimate with your music like never before. The MPC pads don't just offer great response and feel, they also offer precise performance controls. "16 Levels" varies the velocity of a sample across the pads from minimum to maximum, or enter "Full Level" mode and go rhythm crazy while keeping your velocity maxed. in addition to pad control, the MPD24 gives you a dedicated transport section (STOP, PLAY, RWND, FFWD, REC) as well as a wealth of assignable rotary knobs and faders for getting a handle on every aspect of your software. Call up a drum plug-in and a filter effect and record a drum pattern and effect automation in real time, simultaneously. The included editor software makes it easy to switch between different software and save your presets for each program, and a super-bright LCD screen provides you with continuous feedback from your software. read more

Built To Withstand Brutal Abuse
Every MPC is built like it was made to storm Normandy, and the MPD24 is no exception. You'll notice the rugged metal chassis first, then you'll really be impressed when you start twiddling knobs and moving faders. Every pot and shaft on the MPD24 is built with Akai's dedication to the musician; expect years of loyal service from your new MPD.

Akai Control Via USB Or MIDI
The easiest way to integrate your MPD24 into your computer setup is via USB, but you can also use the MPD24 to control standalone synth modules, thanks to it's dedicated MIDI output port. The option to go MIDI makes the MPD24 the perfect live controller, but it also means you can connect through your USB or FireWire audio interface's MIDI I/O, freeing up valuable USB ports on your computer or laptop.

Comes With A Free Drum Sample Library
For the complete Akai experience right out of the box, your MPD24 comes with a free collection of vintage drum machine samples. It's the genuine sound and the feel of classic hip-hop and electronica, all in one awesome package.

There's no better way to inject your music production with a healthy dose of inspiration than by adding an Akai MPD24. Get it now at zZounds for an unbeatable price.
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-4032
Web: http://www.akaipro.com/support

Akai MPD24 USB MIDI Pad Controller

Akai Professional's MPD24 is the velocity sensitive pad controller for musicians and DJs working with sampled sounds. The MPD24 features 16 MPC-style velocity and pressure sensitive pads plus transport controls for interfacing with DAW/sequencing applications. With Akai's MPC 16 Levels and Full Level features for ultimate pad control, four selectable pad banks totaling 64 pads, six assignable faders and eight assignable, 360 degree knobs for transmitting MIDI Control Change data, the MPD24 provides unprecedented creative freedom for manipulating sampled material.

16 MPC-style velocity and pressure sensitive pads

4 selectable pad banks for a total of 64 pads

6 assignable faders for transmitting MIDI Control Change data

8 assignable 360 degree knobs

REW, FF, STOP PLAY and REC buttons that transmit MMC (MIDI Machine Control) messages to DAW/ Sequencing applications

Backlit, easy to read LCD display

MIDI and/or USB operation

USB powered (or powered via optional AC adaptor)

Included Editor Librarian software (Mac and PC)

Akai Sample library of classic drum machines (software included)

MPC 16 Levels and Full Level feature support

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (89 ratings)
Submitted January 5, 2008 by a customer from yahoo.com

"This is a must have for a digital setup!"

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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Since I have a digital setup I use it like a mpc....I think its the next best thing to a mpc.Not much I dont like about it,,,and with the presets I can use it for a long time.
i got it with out the cd's so I never had the stock sounds,BUT! with my other samples its good.You can hit the pads hard or soft for how strong you want the sound to come out,or just hit the full level button and all sound will be hard no matter how to touch it.
its got all the sliders,knobs,and stuff but the best thing about it is the presets........its already set up for cubase,battery,live,reason,ect....you can control all the top softwear programs with the turn of a knob.
Ease of Use
its pretty basic just hit the pads(duhh)....but i still dont know how to set up the play,stop,rec,and stuff....but I control that with the softwear anyway.
its strong...im heavy handed and all the pads still work(knock on wood)!
i got it for cheap ....but if I paid full price,I think I would still get it.
Manufacturer Support
dont know,never called.
The Wow Factor
I got it,so the thrill is gone....but I still use it alot....its perfect for durm patterns and chopping samples.

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hiphop r&b producer

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