ADAM Audio A4V Active Studio Monitor

ADAM Audio A4V Active Studio Monitor

Need pro-quality monitoring in a small space? The ADAM Audio A4V has you covered with a rich, detailed sound and low-end response that goes down to 53 Hz.

ADAM A5X Powered Studio Monitor

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With the X-ART ribbon tweeter for silky highs up to 50 kHz, and 5.5" driver covering mids and lows, the ADAM A5X delivers pro performance at a killer price.

Considering investing in a pair of studio monitors? Ask a pro audio engineer, and chances are you'll hear the name "Adam." Adam studio monitors have long been associated with incredible accuracy, premium components -- and a price within reach of mere mortals. The Adam A5X features extended-range ribbon tweeters and re-engineered bass drivers for a more three-dimensional, focused sound. If you're considering studio monitors of this caliber, you'll find Adam monitors live up to their name in every respect.

ADAM AX Series monitors have been an industry standard for a decade. See why in this video:

Adam's Trademark X-ART Ribbon Tweeters

The A5X incorporates one of Adam's instantly recognizable folded-ribbon tweeters. These distinctive high-frequency drivers don't just look good; with no heavy voice coils to them weigh down, Adam's tweeters push air four times more efficiently than traditional domed designs. An update to the ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter found in the original A5, the X-ART folded-ribbon driver extends the A5X's top end up to 50 kHz. The "X" in A5X stands for "extended frequency response" -- and for you, it means flatter phase response, longer sessions without listening fatigue, and mixes that "breathe" more naturally.

German Engineering

As truly professional reference monitors, every Adam A5X is rigorously tested in the Adam Audio factory in Berlin, and it's clear their engineers have considered every detail. For your convenience, a master read more gain control is located on the front panel, right next to the power switch. If you've ever had to play Twister just to turn on or turn up your monitors in a studio setting, you'll immediately appreciate this design. You'll also find both RCA and XLR inputs on the rear panel.


- X-ART tweeter delivers stunning high-end response up to 50 kHz
- Redesigned 5.5-inch mid/low driver with a 1.5-inch voice coil
- Biamplified design: 50-watt tweeter amp, 50-watt mid/low amp
- Front-panel power switch and gain control
- Rear-panel +/- 4 dB high-frequency gain control
- Rear-panel +/- 6 dB shelf filters for >5 kHz and - XLR and RCA inputs
- Adam's 5-year warranty

Professional engineers and industry publications have been nearly unanimous in their praise of the Adam A5X. Add these monitors to your setup and hear the different ribbon tweeters can make in your mixes!
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- Number: 1
- Basket O: 5.5" (145 mm)
- Voice coil O: 1.5" (32 mm)
- Cone material: Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber

- Number: 1
- Type: X-ART
- Diaphragm area: 4 inch (2420 mm)
- Equiv. Diaphragm O: 2" (56 mm)
- Velocity transform ratio: 4:1
- Diaphragm weight: 0.17 g

Built-in Amplifiers
- Mid-Woofer: 1
- Type: PWM
- Amp. power RMS / music: 50 W / 75 W
- Tweeter: 1
- Type: A/B
- Amp. power RMS / music: 50 W / 75 W

Control panel
- Input Sensitivity: -()() to +14 dB
- High shelve > 5 kHz: +/-6 dB
- Low shelve < 300 Hz: +/-6 dB
- Tweeter gain: +/-4 dB

Input connectors
- Analog: XLR / RCA

General data
- Frequency response: 50 Hz - 50 kHz
- THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz: <=0.6 %
- Long term output: >=102 dB
- Max. peak: >=110 dB
- Crossover frequencies: 2500 Hz
- Input impedance: 30 K Ohm
- Weight: 14.6 lb (6,6 kg)
- Magnetically shielded: No
- Height x Width x Depth: 11" (280 mm) x 6.5" (170 mm) x 8.5" (220 mm)
- Warranty: 5 Years

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:

ADAM A5X Active Studio Monitor

The Adam A5X studio monitor builds on the technology found in the legacy A5 monitor, which managed to make itself a big name in both professional environments as well as in computer or desktop applications.

Like other models of Adam's AX Series, the Adam A5X studio monitor features the proprietary X-ART tweeter. A 5.5-inch Midwoofer reproduces the frequencies below 2.5kHz. The diaphragm is made from Carbon fiber/Rohacell/Glass fiber, which is the same composite structure shared in the next two bigger models. With minimum weight and maximum rigidity, this material prevents break up resonances, resulting in an outstanding dynamic behavior and impeccable sound characteristics.


A very handy and exclusive feature found in the two smaller AX monitors is the Stereolink. This is accomplished by a pair of additional RCA connections that allow for a bypass of the second stereo channel to the other speaker.

This technology connects two A5X speakers and allows the user to control the overall stereo volume of the system from either speaker's gain control. This makes the A5X a natural for "mixer-less" desktop applications where overall system volume needs to be adjusted easily.

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Really happy I didn't settle for lessor and cheaper monitors on the market, I'll keep these for near fields for a long time. A very accurate, honest monitor system.
For monitors (pair) under 1k, I have a hard time believing there's a better sounding option on the market available today. After breaking them in, the sound in the sweet spot is pure butter. The low end has a lot of mixed reviews, but I'm here to tell you, they won't disappoint you. Tight bass, truthful mids, silky highs.... needless to say I'm happy as hell to own these.
The room correction features on the back are great. The front loaded bass ports in front are nice for small studios with bass trap issues.
Ease of Use
Plug and play, correction features are self explanatory. Need to break them in though to get true audio clarity.
My first Adam Audio experience, but their reputation procedes themselves well. Worth every penny!!!
Maybe a little high, but if you want to take the next step in monitors from entry level, these puppies are sweet.
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No experience yet
The Wow Factor
Bo Derek sex appeal for sure. Everyone wants to tell their friends, "Hey come check out my Adam monitors"
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