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Zoom G1X FOUR Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

Zoom G1X FOUR Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

Explore new sonic territory with the Zoom G1X FOUR, a multi-effects pedal with classic amps, boutique-style effects, a drum machine, and an expression pedal.

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Submitted December 4, 2020 by JB B in Wilmington, NC
"Compact and Loaded"
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I've always like Zoom products. The G1X4 is now replacing my Zoom 505. Thought I get on board with something more modern. It seems very easy to use, however, there are alot more entries to go through when editing patches. But so far, I like the patches and sounds of this model.As far as zZounds goes. This was my first purchase from them. I have bout alot of stuff from the other guys in Indiana and New Jersey. I found zZounds through a search and liked what I saw. In today's world, not everyone has a few thousands laying around that doesn't need to be anywhere. And for me staying, almost debt free is a must. Sometimes, folks need that extra month to grab the gear they want. And with this order, I got it for 4 payments and not 3 and it was cheaper in total to boot. Also my order arrived in two days. So far I have enjoyed shopping here. I'm really looking forward to getting more gear now that I have found a site that stretches the payments out to 4, 6, 8 months. Those little extras in life that was just out of reach for my budget is now in sight. And with that I want to thank those here at zZounds for making this possible. Not every one of us musicians are making money at gigging and having a home studio during this "Lock Down" is a must to keep from going insane. I hope this little review helps someone. This Model, really is packed with alot of good stuff for it's size and price. I'm amazed at how much the digital world has changed since the first introduction of my Zoom 505 in 1995 and the Zoom G1X4 now. Man I'm getting old!
Musical Background:
Started playing music in 1991 when you had to read a book and not surf the web for answers
Musical Style:
Southern Gospel
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Submitted May 11, 2019 by Tom B in Sacramento, CA
"Excellent value"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I'll never get rid of my G1on, but after trying the G1xfour for a half hour, I can tell that the G1Xfour is a major step in improvement. The tones are so much more accurate.
The sound, in a word, is cleaner. Even the distorted effects are clearer and retains the articulation that is so very important. The clean settings are quite sparkly. I play only Strats, so the cleans are fantastic for me. By playing style is Blues, Jazz and Fusion. This pedal fits my style perectly.
The housing is plastic, so one must be careful and not stomp too hard. I'm pretty easy on my gear, so I'm not worried about the durability.
Ease of Use
Uhmmmm....there is definitely a learning curve with this unit.
I just got this pedal, so I can't comment on how reliable it will be.
So far, the value far outweighs the price.
Manufacturer Support
I have not had to contact with Zoom.
The Wow Factor
The appeal? It looks and sounds quite good.
Musical Background:
I've been playing, teaching and performong for 30 years.
Musical Style:
I'm a devoted follower of Blues, Jazz and Fusion.
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