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Zoom G1 FOUR Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

Zoom G1 FOUR Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

With classic amps and effects, plus a looper, drum machine, and Zoom Guitar Lab software, the Zoom G1 FOUR lets you take your tone into uncharted territory.

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Submitted July 29, 2019 by John L in Georgetown, TX
"Awesome for practice"
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I've had this multi effects pedal for several months. I've been using for practice and noodling around watching TV with headphones. Positive I play at night after everyone is asleep, lots of good effects, good tuner, good looper and rhythm something new to me. Solid construction long battery life. Negative for me is it didn't come with a USB cable. In my opinion this is an awesome practice tool, fun and portable. For less than the price of an effects pedal you can have a ton of pedals, for me it was a no brainer. I've been playing privately for over 30 years.
Musical Background:
Jam at home.
Musical Style:
Rock, metal, blues, some classical.
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Submitted September 13, 2019 by Marcus Kreischer in San Francisco, CA
So much sound for so little money. 5 amps really stand out. Fender Twin, Mesa Boogie Rectifier, JCM 800, Orange 120 and the Bogner. The biggest CON with this unit is that you are limited to 5 FX only per chain. That's it. If you can get past that, then there really is no reason not to purchase this even if you don't need it. Also it lacks an expression pedal that the G1X has, but that's not a big deal for me because most of the time you'll be using your hands to tinker with it. It's only on the floor when I need to use the looper function.I'm seeing a lot of comments from ignorant users who skipped the manual and are complaining that they have no idea how to use it. No surprise here. 10/10 one of the best pedals ever made, and it is so damn affordable.Well done Zoom.
Musical Background:
Session Guitarist
Musical Style:
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Neo-Soul, Gospel, RNB
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Submitted June 18, 2019 by Rick Foxx in Shelton, WA
"Huge Disappointment"
I don't like giving a bad review of guitars or guitar equip. but I am very disappointed in this little device... It looks like it would be something very usable, but it's not. Let's start with the built in looper... I have several regular loopers I use on stage and there is a learning curve to them all. However, this one has no curve, as it just doesn't work properly at all... I have spent a week trying to get this to function right but to no avail. The drum section (Rhythm) sounds boxy and weird.... but... it will get you buy in a pinch for practice. IMO none of the existing presets successfully emulate any of the amps or amp effects that it lists (I should know I have several of them). Lastly, I was able (after two weeks) to dial in one or two usable tones to practice with (the both sound the same)...hence the one star. This is very sad as I have several multi effect processors (vox amplug2, Vamp 3, Blackstar id 10, Line 6 spider V 60, and Marshall code 50) and all of them are very user friendly and in some cases half the price and twice the value. I had a Zoom pedal back in 1992 and it was very usable and affordable. You have dropped the ball "Zoom", So come on guys and gals let's get back to the drawing board and get this right...Oh and keep the housing it looks nice.
Musical Background:
I am a professional musician...played guitar and sang for 40 years on stage
Musical Style:
Rock, Jazz, Bues and top 40
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