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Zoom UAC-2 SuperSpeed Audio Converter USB Interface

Zoom UAC-2 SuperSpeed Audio Converter USB Interface

Record two mics, instruments or line ins at 192 kHz/24-bit resolution with Zoom's USB 3.0 audio interface. You get MIDI I/O and 1/4" outs for your monitors.

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Submitted March 13, 2016 by Cimmay R in Seattle, WA
"Works as Advertised"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
The fine print at Zoom said the UAC-2's performance is not guaranteed for AMD CPU's and non-Intel USB chipsets are not supported. I asked Zoom support in New York if they plan to ever support AMD, he responded by saying my wish will be forwarded to the Developers in Japan for consideration. Used the Zoom for a week on AMD A10 system with Windows 10. Never lost the USB 3 Superspeed link, and the driver never popped or malfunctioned in any way. It has been working flawlessly the whole time. It's real simple to use but need to do a crash study on how to operate it correctly to achieve optimum performance. I've tried out the Mic, streaming audio, MIDI, guitar, various virtual instruments. It works very well with Omnisphere and IK's Amplitube. A little slow with 32 bit applications. It has several live action clip lights that are useful adjusting the gain. I'm using CBI TS cables no problems, but they are very hard to plug in and remove. The Zoom is an excellent upgrade, just what's needed, I'm very happy with it on an AMD system.
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Submitted September 10, 2020 by Tyler Matlock in Austin, TX
"Should've Purchased Earlier"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I bought a "blemished" version of this interface recently and I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed. I've spent years using the Focusrite series from the Sapphire firewire interfaces to several Scarlett 2i2s. All of them have either had hardware failures or constant static and distortion in the signals. I'm not the only one either. The latest Scarlett series have constant issues with this and its just disappointing. I thought these interfaces sounded good until I used the unlikely underdog, Zoom. I wasn't too keen on purchasing this device considering I've never used their products outside a field recorder. However, the sound is noticeably clearer from my monitors, much more depth in the headphones, the mic pres are impressive and blow focusrite out of the park. The build quality is certainly better and the software is basic but give you options such for getting a better headphone mix. I use this in Pro Tools, for discord and gaming, for taking phone calls at work and it hasn't failed me once. I haven't had a single complaint about scratchy or distorted audio from my friends in discord. I'm disappointed in myself for not purchasing a different interface earlier. I have yet to see how long this device will hold up but I can definitely say this is a better product out of the box and Zoom really knocked it out of the park. If you're looking to upgrade, especially from the Focusrite 2i2 series, and you like to use your interface for multiple platforms - this is it. Drivers are up to date and USB 3 is awesome. The USB cable is well built and super long too. This thing is just awesome and well worth the price point. I lucked out and bought a "blemished" product that literally has no blemishes. Looks, feels, sounds and performs brand new. I'm so excited and really appreciate zZounds for the quick shipping and lowered price point. If anything comes up, I'd be happy to repost or edit my review.
For the price point, its better than what's on the market today. Surprisingly destroys the competition. This is an underdog product.
The most useful feature is the software component. You can turn up your mic in the headphone mix to hear yourself, engage phantom power, adjust monitor mix and mic pre, there is also a loopback function. The least useful, for myself, is the reverb/delay effects.
Ease of Use
Its very easy, just like any other product in this category. The design layout is just like focusrite's but the sound is noticeably better.
Its very well constructed, the knobs have some tension and don't feel loose. Its feels sturdy and well built. I'm sure its a little heavier than competitors.
I believe products like this are a bit overpriced in general. What you're actually paying for with this device is reliability, optional power supply, and incredible sound mic pres and audio output. I don't think you can find an interface at this price point that's better. Focusrite is very disappointing and are not on par with quality compared to Zoom.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't not dealt with them directly but their software and drivers are up to date and easy to find. I don't anticipate reaching out to them as I did not purchase this directly from them and its a blemished product.
The Wow Factor
I suppose the cosmetic is nice with the slate grey, metal, aluminum look complimented with the Blue LEDS. But that's not what I purchase these products for. If I did, I wouldn't have bought a red interface from Focusrite so many times.
Musical Background:
Hobbyist, Student, Musician, Engineer, Podcaster, Gamer
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Submitted July 4, 2019 by Scott R in Benton, KY
"Wow ! Nice fast upgrade on AMD FX Win 10"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
This interface works flawlessly on my Win 10 Amd fx 6300 computer 16 gb ram. guitars work with instant playback ,running Omnisphere 2.5 and it now works as it should with no glitching in Studio one and Reaper,listened to vinyl rip at 192..Sounds Superb through a Behringer A500 and Passive Monitors
Musical Background:
Playing for many years,Guitar,Bass,Vocals,Midi Keyboard
Musical Style:
Classic rock,Metal,Prog Rock
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Submitted May 15, 2017 by Maxxwel Evans in La Mesa, CA
"Fast and portable"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
This interface is very fast for a USB interface I got about 3.8ms round trip latency at 44.1khz 32 samples. The conversion is good not great but for the price it beat everything under $500. The preamps are ok but honestly if your doing hip hop or urban music this interface is good enough.
Musical Background:
Producer/Engineer for 5 years
Musical Style:
Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, EDM, Dubstep
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