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Yamaha THR5 Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier

Yamaha THR5 Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier

With 5 different amp models and 8 onboard effects, this amp packs a wallop. Use the USB output to record on your computer with the included Cubase software.

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Submitted October 10, 2012 by Leehu Z in Davis, CA
"The ultimate home and studio amplifier?"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I just got the little thing and played with it for a while and I am in awe. The tiny retro-designed package includes everything a guitarist needs for indoor guitar playing and recording! The sound is clear, crystalline and rings in a wide range of frequencies making it hard to believe this quality tone eminates from such a tiny box.The various tone-tweaking effects and controls run a full gamut as might be expected from a high-end multieffect and not a home use oriented amp. Combinations of amp model with modulation and reverb-delay effects - all at professional level allow almost endless sound options. I own an electric with a piezo circuit and it handles the 'acoustic' tones in stride - ringing like a true acoustic. Switch to the magnetic and turn the knob to brit asmp model and I got searing lead and hard-rock tones! Amazing versatiliy.I also tried to use this amp as a pre-module or an effect for recording direct into a multi-track - works wonderfully with stereo sound making my guitar fill the soundscape like when using a profesional studio effect rack. In short - A versatile, high quality, multi-use-multi-purpose guitar amp you can use for recording, practice, or playing with friends at home. It can also be plugged through into a PA if you'd like to carry these cool tones to a large gig. An excellent amp!
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Rock, pop, Neo-classic rock
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Submitted October 5, 2012 by a customer from rcn.com
"Great practice amp, good for cleans and Marshall sounds."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I've owned my fair share of amplifiers and the Yamaha THR is a great practice amp. It does best with Fender cleans, light crunch and some Marshall sounds (from JTMish to JCM800). If you want it for metal, I wouldn't use it. It really does do a nice job of getting that cranked poweramp distortion. I have compared the THR5 to the THR10 and they use the same speakers for the guitar sounds. The THR5 is quite a small unit, but it gets more than loud enough for practice usage. The software isn't overly confusing and is straightfoward to use.
For fender cleans- 8/10 For JTM/JMP crunch- 9/10 For JCM800 crunch- 8/10 For Rectifier/5150 sounds- 5/10 For some reason these modeling guys have a hard time getting metal tones (POD HD500, Fender Mustang, etc...). However what this little unit does have over those products is a very responsive "master" knob which gives you that nice powerful overdriven sound at low volumes. My favorite model is the Lead model, just crank the master and it reacts surprisingly similar to my plexi tube amp. Does it sound exactly the same? No, but it is able to get that "tube feel" at low volumes so you don't blow off your roof.
The features are great, the only downside of the THR5 is the single tone knob. They really should have kept a bass, middle and treble on this amplifier. Otherwise the fx are easy to use and you can control everything from your computer. Recording it sounds great (remember it uses hi-fi speakers which translates perfectly for recording), and it works nicely with its USB. It really is a joy to just have the knobs next to you to adjust, instead of having to constantly tweak on a VST or ampsim.
Ease of Use
Very easy to use. This is where Yamaha got it right, simple knobs that work like a real amp. No constant fussing to get good sounds. Having everything in one unit that is so lightweight is a big advantage.
No issues so far, even though these are made in China. You have to realize that these days almost all electronics are manufactured in China. From a $2000 dollar computer to a $1 toy watch, it will be manufactured there. I usually trust Yamaha though, they seem to do a pretty good job.
I'd say it is a little pricey for a modeler at this wattage, however it does come packed with a lot of features including high quality speakers. I'd say if they continue to support (and update their subpar modern model) it would be worth it. Since my THR5 doubles as computer speakers sometimes, I say it is worth it in my case.
Manufacturer Support
Can't answer this as I have had no issues.
The Wow Factor
I would say an 8/10 in the wow factor. What is so cool about this unit is how small, but good sounding it is. I really wish I had one of these things when I was a teenager, would have made my life a lot simpler for recording
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Submitted October 19, 2017 by Richard W in Fulton, MS
"Awesome small Pratice amp"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Great sounding small amp, being portable makes it even better. Love the different tones and amps that are available.
Musical Background:
Playing for 30 years
Musical Style:
Anything with a good beat
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Submitted September 23, 2014 by A Customer
"Excellent sounds"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
overall - maybe the best sounding low wattage amp ever. only small difference in sound between this & a tube amp. weak point is lack of features. they really skimped. twice the price of other compared to other practice amps that have way more features. you're really extra paying for tone here.pro's - * truly terrific tones* even if you have a tube amp that sounds good at whisper volumes (i have a 15w egnater tweaker) it's so convenient to be able to play this on top of your desk.* clean and modern settings are fantastic. i don't use the other amp settings much, but they sound great as well. the only setting i don't like is brit hi.* effects sound good* tap tempo* good tuner* the features are weak* pricey - other practice amps have many more features. they sound pretty good themselves (just not quite as nice as this). so if features are important to you, get something else. digital amps these days all sound not bad to downright good.* are the tones here so much better that it's really worth double other companies' amps? honestly hard to say, but this one does sound the best* can't save settings* one knob control of all mod effects is really limiting* can use the software to tweak settings and effects, but as soon as you unplug, you lose them* max volume on delay is occasionally not enough. usually it's ok. but sometimes, you want a little more & doesn't have it* as mentioned, brit hi setting not that great* the name "modern" might be misleading. i mentioned that modern sounds good, but, it doesn't have enough gain to get you into mesa rectifier range. you're going to need a pedal for that.
Musical Background:
A while
Musical Style:
Rock / Pop
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