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Yamaha FG830 Folk Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG830 Folk Acoustic Guitar

Get rich overtones and improved sustain thanks to the rosewood back and sides, scalloped bracing and traditional western body style of this Yamaha FG830.

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Submitted February 2, 2018 by Romeo C
""Affordable Rosewood Body.""
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Okay, I don't have to say "I bought this from zZounds" coz they will not allow me to write this review if the FG830 I have is not from them. So, I don't have to say it. Off course fast delivery. It was so fast, the guitar delivered to my house right before I hung up with zZounds. 'Nuff said. I opened the box, my eyes went cross and hypnotized coz of the outstanding beautiful look of the FG830. I fell in love with the 1st strum. I kept playing for an hour, I even forgot to tune it. That is how good it zZounds. Very bright, easy to play. Sustain is incredibly long and maintains its tone. I would say... it is just as loud and bright as the other $1,000 - $3,000 acoustic guitars. But the FG830's "highs and lows" stand out. It has a very wide range of EQs. I have Martins, Gibs and Taylor. This model can line up them. it has a beautiful bass punch. Tone is energetic. Well built and designed. It has very nice white binding finish on the side. The abalone on the soundhole is just elegant and a sign of upgrades. Action is perfect OOTBox. I believe that the combo of Rosewood body and scaloped bracing make this model sounds like those expensive over-priced guitars. ACOUSTIC SOUNDS DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE TO SOUND GREAT! Eventhough some Yamahas are not made in America -their qualities are superb and matched or better than the top leading luthiers from Japan, USA, Germany, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil etc. - they are made for Americans. What I notice so far, the one thing missing and you can't find on this model is bad quality.
Musical Background:
20+yrs, some bands, gigs, hobby
Musical Style:
BIGTIME acoustic, Pop rock, Ballad, British style 60s, RnB, folk, keyboard and drums etc.
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Submitted July 1, 2019 by James S in St. George, KS
"Amazing value!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I'm a bit shocked by how good this guitar is. I had been looking for a starter guitar to get for my nephew, and wanted to get the best I could find. I had read tons of great reviews about the fg8XX series guitars, but was a little worried about string spacing, since I had tried out an AC3R whose spacing was too tight for comfortable fingerpicking. They both have a 1 & 11/16 inch nut, but there seems to be a big difference in the pin spacing at the bridge, because the FG830 strings feel much wider spaced, and very comfortable to fingerpick (I learned on a wide S&P6 that is 1 & 3/4).The sound is incredible. It's not just a great sound for a starter guitar, it's a great sound for a guitar, period. More like a starter 'gigging quality' guitar. I was expecting a weak and thin sound for the price, but it has a surprisingly growly Martin-like bass to complement a really well-balanced and modern sounding tone. Incredible sound for a guitar with laminate back and sides rather than solid wood. This guitar is staying with me now, lol. I'll have to get my nephew another FG830 for his birthday (still half a year away).
Musical Background:
Amateur acoustic guitar player/songwriter for 20 years, now getting serious and starting to gig
Musical Style:
Melodic fingertapping, fingerstyle, Americana, folk rock
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