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Yamaha DXS-18 Powered Subwoofer Speaker

Yamaha DXS-18 Powered Subwoofer Speaker

Experience what 1020 watts sound like in the hands of a properly designed wooden speaker with advanced Yamaha signal processing. The DXS-18 will rock you!

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Submitted April 4, 2018 by Elvis M in Orlando , FL
"Clean Robust Bass! Beats everything in its class!"
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When I bought these subs a year ago, I really took a chance on them as they were so new to the market. I have worked with all the subs in its class and all fall short of output and stamina. The JBL PRX were awesome when the 618xlf came out with the crown amp. Everything after that in the PRX line is good, but limmits quicker than the 618xlf. I couldn't get my hands on another 618xlf, so, I opted for the 718xlf as they seemed to be well matched on paper. They have added nice DSP and and bluetooth control on the new PRX Lines, but I noticed the 718xlf limmited faster than the 618xlf and had a hard limiter. where as the 618xlf kept going with bass power. The 618xlf was comparable to the KW181 in output, but not the 718xlf. I can safely say 2 of these hit the same or better than 4 PRX Subs. You may have noticed the almost immediate price drop within months of it coming out The KW181 is awesome, and always maintained it's value and was my go to for live sound. They still go for 1399 and are totally worth it. I always felt, though that they did not go as low as the 618xlf so I waited until something worthy came out. I tried all of the EV subs and they sounded good, but once they limmited they dissapeared. Enter the Yamaha DXS 18. Wow these speakers are great for DJ and Live sound. They hit like a Yorkviille, but sound much more musical. They do come in at 110 pounds, but have casters. If you are looking for a lighter duty, lighter weight, but great robust sub go QSC KW181, but if you are looking for a sub that is solid, for large ballrooms and outdoor live sound with raw power and chest pounding bass, the Yamaha DXS 18 is the way to go. They hit just as hard, if not harder than the JBL SRX series at 300 dollars less at equal sound quality. The SRX comes in at 30 pounds lighter, if that is important to you, but you are going to pay for that.. After using the DXS 18 for a year at conventions, live sound, and DJ, these are my top pic and I totally love them. All of the above mentioned subs are professional grade and I have worked with them, however, the Yamaha's are second to none for my use.
Excellent for live sound and DJ out of the box without engaging extended low or boost. Great for Reggae and EDM and Hip hop. Can be adjusted via DSP to rock music via the boost function for that kick drum.
Live Sound outdoors and large ballrooms, club and corporate DJs. Cardiod mode to eliminate rumble on stage for live sound. Extented low function for corporate presentation and videos requiring extra low frequencies. Boost function for kick drum presence, out of the box flat for DJ and musical sound.
Ease of Use
Very easy back panel on amp. Plug and play. A bit heavy compared to others in it's class, but the output you get is well worth it as outperforms the competition.
Waterproof duraflex finish. Tour Grade Quality. Casters are available and water resistance cover allows you to play them outdoor with more confidence.
The DXS 18 sub is truely worth every penny probably underpriced. It's weight compared to it's competition is probably the determining factor in Yamaha having to play with the price. The output and tourgrade quality is second to none in its price range.
Manufacturer Support
Yamaha has a 7 year warranty and excellent customer service as they assisted me in application set up for these subs. So far not service needed from Yamaha, but its good to know the warrenty stands behind this solid product. I have the DSR12's since 2013 using them non stop for live sound and large DJ events, and they are rockin like champs. Solid and never an issue.
The Wow Factor
It is a band pass design so does not look like anything else in its class. Depends who you ask that could be good or bad. If you are a DJ looking doing events for 50 to 100 people, then this sub is not for you. If you are looking for a tour grade sub for larger shows with a corporate worthy look and abusive, clean hard hitting lows, then this is the sub for you.
Musical Background:
Professional Sound Engineer, Audio Visual Company Owner, and DJ
Musical Style:
Live Sound, DJ, Latin, Hip Hop, Reggae, Top 40
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Submitted May 4, 2017 by Eddie W in Crosby, TX
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i received these subs paired with DXR-12 and simply DANG!!!!! I compared all the subs in the same category and I believe I choose the best.... Clean Crisp Responsive No Clipping True Lows.... I don't have to turn it up at all. Performed a show next to a large band with 6 Yorkvilles I felt like a mouse with my old system. NOT ANY MORE YAMAHA POWERED!!!!
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Submitted December 18, 2017 by Christopher Sartin in Clinton, TN
"Great Sub but to expensive"
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Dont get me wrong this sub thumps HardBut the DXS-15 is $799 And the DXS-18 is $1299 That is a $500 differenceAnd only 4 db difference between the 2.I wish I would have got 2 DXS-15 and would worked better than 1 DXS-18 and only $300 more for 2 of DXS-15.The DXS-18 is a great sub, just dont think its worth $500 for 4 extra db.
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Submitted October 19, 2019 by Chris Bollinger in Lebanon, VA
"Best active sub under $1500"
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Just purchased this sub from zZounds and have had a few hours of listening time so I hope this is helpful to someone. Most reviews I read are from djs. No offense but that is totally different than live sound work. For background I have used the kw181, the rcf 708asII, the jbl prx 718, the etx15sp. I feel good in saying this is the best sub for the money. Only con is the size and weight. This is the only band pass sub in the group I listed. Iā€™m not a fan of band pass but when tuned a little bit it sounds like a front load sub. Scoop it down in the 80 ha range and becomes nice and flat. It goes really low in extended mode. Every note is strong down to a low b on the bass guitar. Kick drum hits hard. In normal mode it sounds just like a nice full range clean system. I like the kw181 for a compact dependable sub but this stomps it! No kidding. Louder, lower, tighter, cleaner. No flab!
Musical Background:
Pro sound 40 yrs experience
Musical Style:
Country, Christian, Pop
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