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Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco Classical Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco Classical Acoustic Guitar

Picking up the Yamaha CG172SF guitar and hearing the crisp tone of its cypress body and European spruce top may inspire you to join a Spanish caravan.

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Submitted August 1, 2012 by William Wilson in Spring Valley, CA
"Great Guitar at Any Price"
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I've always been impressed with Yamaha's Classical guitars. I've been a guitar teacher for the past 10 or so years, and lots of my students have them. For the money they can't be beat, except maybe by Cordoba. I'd wanted a flamenco but couldn't afford an expensive guitar, so I gave this Yamaha a shot (After a slightly bad experience with a Cordoba 7f) Great guitar! Very well built, solid. Plays well. Good volume and punch. Fairly well balanced (maybe just a bit heavy on the bass side, though this improved when I changed the strings to Savaraez Alliance Reds) I was a little worried because I've always thought satin finishes look cheap, but it's quite a beautiful guitar. I do wish it had a bone saddle / nut, and make sure to budget for a case. But, it's an awesome value.
Musical Background:
Professional Guitarist / Teacher
Musical Style:
Classical, Flamenco, some Jazz
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Submitted October 26, 2017 by Tom Cooper in Pomeroy, WA
"Good little guitar."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Needed a good but inexpensive Guitar for my daughter to start on. This Guitar looks very nice and plays pretty well right out of the box. The tuners work well and stay in tune. Frets and finger board are quite nicely playable and comfortable. My daughters instructor liked it and recommended it to the other students. I play acoustic so the neck is really wide for me but it plays sweetly. Lots of fun for the price.
Musical Background:
Several decades of acoustic playing and gigging.
Musical Style:
Country, folk, rock blues.
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Submitted May 11, 2012 by Mr. C in Hamilton, OH
"This is a review after playing a couple, not owning the guitar. "
Hey, I (hopefully) will be buying one of these next month. I mostly play classical, and own only classical guitars, but I do know a good guitar. I just get the inch of try some flamenco technique and don't like to mess up my classical tops. So I need a flamenco I can really let go and play without being afraid of scratching one of my classical's tops. I have played 2 of these, and both were pretty good. If anything, I think most complaints I had can be forgiven and blamed on the plastic saddle and nut, which a bone nut and saddle could solve easy. The first one I played was ok, sounded a little dull and dead on the trebles in the upper registry. To be specific I mean low volume/projection, low resonance. The woods weren't doing all that they can do. But it was by not means unsatisfying. Don't get me wrong, the guitar was quite responsive to my touch, but did not have great projection in the upper positions, past the 10th fret or so. However, although this is most likely due to the nature of guitars in general in regards to the high level of variance you will find between 2 guitars, the second one I played was just great. Had a nice rumble against my chest when strummed, seemed stepped up a notch from the first one I played. I am used to cedar though, and I am told that spruce takes longer to sound full, so that might be why. Definitely satisfied with this guitar, acoustically and playability wise. Looks nice too.
Responsive, not the loudest but loud enough. Basses seem a bit louder than the trebles, but I guess this might not be too uncommon. It does come with plastic nut and saddle, I am betting ya a bone saddle and nut il fix that right up and perk those trebles up nicely. It is punchy and lots of fun to play, which is one of the reasons I am buying it. Hopefully I will be able to play outside a bit too without freaking out that it is going to crack from drying out thanks to the laminated sides and back.
Everything is nice except the nut and saddle. Wish there was a truss rod as well.
Ease of Use
It is responsive. Action seems low enough to me to play flamenco. I am used to playing on a lower action classical, but I have heard some say that the action did not come as low as a flamenco should. It was fine for me. The neck is flat which is nice.
Seems to be nicely made. Nice light matte finish. I never understand why a plastic nut and saddle is used on an otherwise great guitar, basically killing the tone. Although to upgrade is quite cheap.
This product seems to be definitely worth the 330 it costs. Seems to be a very nice guitar.
Manufacturer Support
Never bought a yamaha.
The Wow Factor
Well, everyone has said that yamaha makes a good classical. I prefer cordoba for lower end classicals, and absolutely abhor yamahas lower end classicals. But I really liked this yamaha flamenco.
Musical Background:
Classical 1 year, six years steel
Musical Style:
Mostly classical anymore
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Submitted July 25, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"Much Better than Expected"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I have tried other nylon string guitars in higher price ranges, and this one put all of them in the shade. Nice action right out the box................just under 3mm on the bass side 12th fret, 2.5 mm on the treble side.......I added a Zero Nut, Tusq Saddle and upgraded the tuners, a set of Oasis HT strings, and this guitar competes with others costing 4 to5 times more. A nice hidden bonus, when I changed the nut, I found there is a hidden adjustable truss rod. Pleased with this, and the always great service from zZounds.
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