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Yamaha AC1M Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha AC1M Acoustic-Electric Guitar

With its great looks and SRT pickup system, the AC1M offers serious tone and playability that represents a fantastic value for players of all skill levels.

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Submitted January 23, 2019 by Thomas Osborne Jr in Lowville, NY
"NICE For The Price"
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Not A lot to say I have no complaints at all Really Like the sound and the new AA Power source is way better than the 9volt options..
Musical Background:
Guitarist for 30+ Years
Musical Style:
Rock Metal
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Submitted December 12, 2013 by Vensou D in Margate, FL
"Great guitar"
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I have been playing guitar for 10 years. I play all type of guitars, but this one for the price, that' s the best guitar that ever play. The sound is pure accoustic, the sustain is ridiculously awesome. I sing with this guitar, it make sound really awesome. If you are looking for a great guitar without breaking the bank. Buy this guitar.
Musical Background:
I have been for 10 yrs, i play guitar and piano. Church musician and singer
Musical Style:
Christian music, r&b, jazz, country, hip hop. You name i play it.
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Submitted April 4, 2015 by Joanne Hook in Hayward, CA
"Good bang for the buck. One of the easiest guitars to play I've ever had"
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An excellent lower end acoustic electric with a 3-band equalizer, midrange presence, built in tuner and good quality sound, both as an acoustic and amplified instrument. Light weight. a bit smaller in the body than most dreadnoughts, but also a bit deeper which tends to even out the sound. Extremely easy to play which also makes it very easy to over-control. Take some time to learn how to finesse this instrument. Your patience will be well rewarded.
The sound is sharp, clean and has good tone and balance up the neck. 12th, 7th and 5th fret harmonics sound good. Easy to play of bar chords at the nut with supplied strings. Very easy action on the fret board and it will take awhile for a new user to get used to the guitar to the point where they do not over control it. Finesses is the key here. It projects a nice clean sound with with the strings supplied, but I think that it will sound a bit more mellow with Martin Marquis light gage strings. Pickup has a good range and no pops or noise from the preamp or its controls at normal playing settings. Good range of adjustability. Above average sound in the acoustic mode. Plays very well for the folk and bluegrass genres. I trend to go with an electric for most Rock, jazz and blues, but what rock I've done on this guitar sounds good.
The preamp uses 2 AA batteries in a slip out case that can not be inserted improperly. The tuner is very close to concert pitch and compares favorably with my high end tuners, although I have to do a bit of fine tweaking on a couple of strings, but while I notice it, I doubt very much that my audience does. I am not over thrilled that the rear strap post is also the 1/4" plug socket as well. So far this has not been a problem, but I would suggest a right angle plug on this if you are using a normal guitar stand on stage. I would also suggest a very good quality leather strap due to this application
Ease of Use
The guitar works well with my Marshall amps, both practice and and full scale head and speakers. Like all acoustic guitars, it is susceptible to feedback at high volume levels if you are too close to a stage monitor. Like I said, it is an easy instrument to over-control especially with light gage strings so it will take some time to get the muscle memory for the instrument as it does have a narrower neck than most Martins and it will be very easy to over run the end of the fret on the 6th string if you are used to a wider neck. practice and patience, along with a bit of finesse in handling the instrument. On the plus side, it does make for very easy grace notes and ornamentation once you star getting the feel for the instrument.
So far, all seems well and I would not hesitate to use it on stage. The cosmetics are very good, the instrument, after getting the initial stretch out of the strings. The instrument came tuned 1-1/2 steps below concert pitch, it holds its tune very well and the tuners are smooth and easy to use. It seems to be very well made and assembled. I used an inspection mirror and a flashlight and looked over all of the bracings and gluing and didn't see anything to give me any cause for concern.
One of the things that I learned early on is that one has to pay an increasingly higher price for a relatively small amount of improvements with most musical instruments. Once you get into the price range of this guitar, minor improvements go up like a rocket in terms of price. This is a swell made instrument, well voiced, plays fantastically well and has good tone, balance and projection.
Manufacturer Support
I have not had to deal with the manufacturer at all with this instrument and doubt that I will be doing so in the foreseeable future. This is a very good quality instrument in a properly fitted case.
The Wow Factor
While the instrument is a bit smaller than most dreadnoughts, it is also a bit deeper which tends to keep the clarity in the .low end of the instrument while maintaining good pitch, tone and balance through the range of the instrument. I am amazed that it plays almost the same as my semi-hollow body electric, right out of the case (which could us a bit better quality latches, but I will have to install a TSA approved hasp latch on this case before I travel with it. Outside of this, this is one of the best overall deals i have ever gotten from a lower end guitar. I get a real kick out of playing it!
Musical Background:
Playing solos and with Celtic/folk/religious/rock and jazz-blues groups for over 50 years
Musical Style:
Traditional Celtic (Irish/Scottish) American Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Religious, Jazz and Blues
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Submitted May 23, 2014 by Lonny Terkay Band in Lakeland, FL
"Yamaha AC 1 M the brutal truth"
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The issues I had was 1st a cosmetic issue on the neck a non filled in un finished dent in the neck, 2nd the low E string didn't seat on the fret board area and would easily roll over the edge when played, the sound was quacked and dull, the included sound hole cover was well thought out, Yamaha is usually one of the best for quality but not in this case, had to return it, went with a Martin they are always right on with quality the only thing I needed to do was raise the action by shimming the saddle and the Martin was set to be my back up to my Ovation
Musical Background:
professional...Lead vocals and Guitars for the Lonny Terkay Band
Musical Style:
modern acoustic driven rock, cdsales and downloads cdbaby.com Lonny Terkay band
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Submitted April 2, 2015 by Joanne H in Hayward, CA
" Yamaha AC1M Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case), Really good deal for the money."
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I Ordered my guitar, with case on Monday, 30 April, got the approval for the 4 month payment on Tuesday, the guitar shipped and was charged to my card for the first payment on Wednesday, 1 April, 2015 and just received the instrument about 2 hours ago, 4/2/2015 -- so I have no complaints with the delivery. Cosmetically, the instrument I received was pretty much perfect, so I have no complaints on that score. As far as the instrument goes, I am not all that happy with the tone of the strings supplied with the instrument, but this will be easy to correct with a set of Martin Marquis acoustic guitar strings, which tend to have a mellower tone. This instrument has many things going for it: 1. It has a fairly narrow neck making it easy to wrap one's thumb around the neck to hold the 6th string. 2. It is a bit on the small size for a dreadnought but mot so much smaller where the bass strings sound out of balance. It projects a little too bright for my musical tastes, but is still sounds really good overall. 3. The preamp uses two AA batteries and having only played the instrument for a couple of hours, I can not speak to the battery life, but I would estimate that they will last quite awhile with any good quality alkaline battery. 4. The instrument has a built in tuner that agrees with my high end tuner within +/- 1/2 Hz. 5. Good range of adjustment on the bass, mid and high tone controls, along with the volume control and a midrange presence control. 6. The output jack is coaxial in the rear strap post, which may or may not be a good thing, but with a good quality strap should make it less probable to become accidentally disconnected while playing amplified. 7. The case has just the right amount of hold around the body, which leads me to believe that the guitar is very well protected. About the only thing I would suggest, if you intend to fly with the instrument is to have someone install a TSA approved hasp, with a TSA approved padlock to make it practical for TSA inspection through airport security. 8. The action is low and easy, with light gage strings. If you go to medium gage strings, you may get some string buzz. However they do supply a truss rod adjustment wrench and I believe it will be a simple matter to adjust the neck to accommodate whatever gage strings you like. I noticed in one of the reviews that the reviewer complained that the 6th string had a tendency to slide off of the end of the fret. I have encountered this on most of the narrower necked instruments that I own and the solution here is to put some extra time in on the instrument so as to not over control the string by trying to play the instrument like one's wider-necked instruments. It takes awhile to get used to any instrument as no two guitars play the same. One needs to develop the muscle memory for any new instrument, but it is doable and, after a time, you will automatically play each instrument correctly as long as you do one thing. Practice regularly. All in all, I have paid a lot more money for instruments that really do not sound any better than this instrument. I would give this a "go for it" for the serious amateur or semi-pro. I would have absolutely no qualms in using this on stage with a bit more practice as the action is low and quick and is very easy to over-control this instrument, while reaping the negative benefits of doing so.
Musical Background:
I have been playing guitar since 1963 and also play Irish Whistles and Lever Harp.
Musical Style:
Traditional Irish, Scottish, English and American folk and gospel. Rock, Jazz and blues.
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