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Yamaha A3M Acoustic-Electric Guitar, with Gig Bag

Yamaha A3M Acoustic-Electric Guitar, with Gig Bag

Designed with the touring guitarist in mind, this acoustic-electric from Yamaha is made for the stage. The SRT pickup system will sound great in any venue.

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Submitted August 29, 2012 by David D in Fitchburg, MA
"A3M acoustic"
Solid construction, great tonewoods, subdued aesthetics and top notch electronics. This guitar plays and sounds like a dream. Out of the box was not bad but I lowered the action a tad and it is smooth playing. The mic modeling is somewhat of an EQ gimmick in my humble opinion but is a great way to dial in a sound (many more options than just a piezo and EQ). I was looking for a great classic acoustic guitar that was just as great plugged in and I found it.
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Playing guitar and singing for 20+ years
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Submitted October 11, 2017 by Jerry P in Glen Rose, TX
"Couldn't be more pleased!!"
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As the title states, I couldn't be more pleased. I have just begun my journey with the guitar. It is something I have always wanted to do but found every excuse in the book not to... So I decided to make a considerable (for me) monetary investment to help keep me moving forward. All of the reviews were spot on about this guitar. Of all of the ones I have had in my hands, this one was the only one that "spoke" to me. And after receiving it from zZounds, which I will get to in a moment, I made a trip to a local guitar store. I had one of the techs plug it in and play if for me since they did not have any of these in their inventory. As he was playing several people came in and were in total disbelief that this was a Yamaha. And when they heard the specs and the price they were doubly shocked. So yeah, I could NOT be more pleased! Now, for zZounds. I stumbled across their website while researching various types and brands of guitars for beginners. The fact that these guys know and understand that not everyone can just pull a card, or write a check, and get whatever they want has created a tremendous niche for them. And the fact that they made this process so simple and easy for someone like me to be able to own and begin my journey of learning has made me a customer for life! A huge shout-out to all of the folks at zZounds for recognizing this and catering to folks like me as well as the artists and musicians that devote more to their craft than they do their savings accounts. I can't say enough "good" about the "play as you pay" program. So all I am really left with is: "Thank You!"
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I have been playing music since I was about 11 or 12 years old. Started on trumpet and play some keyboard, but nothing pro.
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country, blues, rock
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Submitted October 30, 2011 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Its not what i expected, my hopes were high, and i thought i was going to get more. Especially with the package no owners manua"
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one year.. I chose it because it sounded beautiful not plugged in, deep rich sound. But a totally different story when i plugged it in. But just like a girlfriend im willing to give it a chance. If stolen i would definatly buy something else. A martin or a taylor. Shit i had a 4oo dollar ibanaz that sounded better plugged in through a boss eq pedal. But b4 plug in the yamaha had it all over all the other guitars
well i thought it sounded beatiful just as acoustic not plugged in. Thats why i bought it. I wanted a martin or a taylor but i kept coming back to the a3m. But when i plugged it in i was a lil disappointed. I definately have to tweek the equalizers to get the deep crisp sounds i want.
No accesories just hard shell case. I like the on board tuner which when tuning it mutes the guitar. I just didn't hear that great of a difference with the eqs. I guess i have to get to know it better, but i thought at 800 dollars i would be able to plug and play.
Ease of Use
i have had it for a month and i am still trying to get the sound i want. Playability i thought when i got it was going to be excellent, but the strings where a couple centimeters off fret board, im not a rocked scientist but they could of set it up. So when i purchased it i had to put another 50 dollars out to set it up, and still not happy with it. And i am not a hard person to please. There was all this hype about the a series i was sold, but when i got it i thought they could of put a lil bit more into the guitar b4 sending it out.
when i recieved the a3m it had a small scratch on the back, i hope its reliable, haven't had long enough. If used on the road i would imagine it would be getting set up alot. I liked the smaller neck but i also read that the strings were set lower on the fret board i did not see that, even after the set up. It was described as a "workhorse" we'll see. I know 800 isnt 2000 but its also not 400 i expected alot more i guess out of the hyped up guitar.
Manufacturer Support
well i was not aware of warranty i just knew i had 30 days to return it. I didn't want to put it through any more delivery so i had it set up here. And it still needs work. And thats right out of the box.
The Wow Factor
it looks pretty and sounds wonderful b4 you plug it in
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punky folk
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