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Xvive U4 Digital Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

Xvive U4 Digital Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

Easy, no-setup, digital wireless in-ear monitoring is here. The Xvive U4 system gives you a 90-foot range of clear audio with a 107 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

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Submitted January 11, 2020 by Brett B in Cortland, NY
"Beyond Expectations"
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Brought this unit into our arsenal for use with mainly guest musicians. We are an amp-less stage and have no monitors. We are completely in ear band wide. We still like to have guests on stage sometimes and this will allow us to do that for a couple songs. All we need for the guest is buds or cans. Guitarist tested it last night for entire set and loved it. Had plenty of juice to power Westone UM30 pros.
Sound quality on this unit is excellent. The frequency response is good enough to be used by a bass player. Many less expensive units can't do frequencies below 80 Hz well but this does. My only complaint on the sound is that it sounds a bit compressed. On stage I doubt you would notice. It is a MONO only system though. There is no upgrading to stereo.
Most useful feature is portability. Take this in your gig bag and hand it to the sound guy and you have an in ear system like that. Least useful is only 6 channels of 2.4 spectrum to use. If you use U2s or U3s you are sharing channel 1-4 and only have 5 and 6 to choose from.
Ease of Use
Plug them in match the channel. Done.
Metal Chassis on both units is impressive. Bulky without being lead like.
It's a bargain product. If you were going to set up your band and don't mind mono this would be a great option if you can't afford Galaxy 1400s, Shure 300, or Senn G4.
Manufacturer Support
I've not had the best of luck contacting them. This is my biggest reservation about XVive. I've emailed nancy@ and their marketing@ and never received answers from either.
The Wow Factor
It's cool and sounds great. It's so small!
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Professional Musician, Band Leader, Sound Tech, Bassist, Keyboards
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Oldies, Blues, Pop, Rock, and on and on
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Submitted September 9, 2020 by Chris Bollinger in Lebanon, VA
"Love Love Love!"
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Bought this baby with a little bit of concern. I had read a few negative reviews but I decided to take a chance and boy I’m glad I did. Great clean sound, feels robust, both pieces. One person complained that this unit interferes with all their other wireless including the xair 18 mixer which I run. I have had no issues. Specs say 90 feet of reception but I walked 300 ft at an outdoor gig and it was still working until I entered a building. I purchased the westone um20 pro ear buds for this unit and they rock. They have plenty of lows and they are crystal clear. No complaints here! Highly recommend if there are 3 or less people using these on the same stage.
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Country musician, Gospel singer and musician
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