Warwick GPS Corvette Double Buck 5 Electric Bass, 5-String (with Gig Bag)

Ideal for the seasoned bass player, the Corvette Double Buck has two MEC MM-Style humbuckers placed in the center position to give you a low, booming growl.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted April 21, 2022 by a customer from

"Beautiful. Organic. Deadly."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Looks/Feel - I originally wanted the black finish, but decided to jump on the lower priced option of a used, blemished (barely noticeable buckle rash) natural finish. The main thing that jumps out to me is the grainy woody texture you'd expect from something...well...made of wood. But the perfect balance of texture and silky smooth feel mixed with the light coat of bees wax recommended to protect and shine and protect the finish makes this instrument feel as organic and alive as the tree it was hewn from. Both hands feel completely relaxed and secure to both neck and body. The neck is thin, grainy and smooth, giving your fretting hand confidence to anchor when necessary and slide between the lower and upper frets with ease. The wrist/forearm has the same comfort on the body, neither sticky nor slippery. Playability - This is where the majestic beauty of this bass becomes that of a grizzly bear. Awe inspiring, natural and deadly. The double humbuckers matched with the five string just beg to be used side by side for a devastatingly woody growl that sounds like a tuba full of hornets. I've not even begun to utilize all the tonal options this thing posesses, but I've found richness, warmth and clarity just as well as deep, earthly rumbles that would probably warp the foundation if I cranked my amp up enough.Value - I'd not recommend anyone not dead set on playing bass to spend this much, but if your experienced and wish to improve and own a bass that can do just about anything forgivingly...this is and was worth the price. The only hang up being the initial confusion regarding the passive pups, active preamp and the controls operating them, something I'm still figuring out, but is a necessary evil due to the variety of tonal options available to mess with. This is a professional grade instrument with ease of access, adjustment and tonal variety in mind. I just wish I could play as well as this thing deserves.
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