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Warwick RockBass Alien Deluxe Thinline Electric Bass (with Gig Bag)

Warwick RockBass Alien Deluxe Thinline Electric Bass (with Gig Bag)

Equipped with an innovative Shadow Nano magnetic pickup system and electronics, this Warwick RockBass Alien bass is ideal for amplified playing situations.

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Submitted September 16, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"wanted to love this, but..."
I was seeking an acoustic bass guitar (5-string) to practice and play without having a cello on my lap. This looked like a good fit and I anticipated top quality. First play out of the box, this German brand guitar is made in China.I found the action high and a lot of clanging of strings on the frets! How can there be both? The nut is very odd. It is not flush with the neck surface, but suspended on two pins. It can be adjusted "to set action" or a tilt of the nut to have the B-string higher. This doesn't work for two reasons. The action is too high near the nut and the pins prevent direct transfer the sound resonance down the neck to the body. The sound is raw string and contact with the body at the bridge.Pezzio pickup did not work out of the box. The nanomagnetic pickups amplify fine, yet there is a vast amount of white noise with this body. A t-shirt rubbing on the back body, some random wire bouncing around inside the body, string racket, all will make you unplug. Nylon wound strings helped greatly and gave a rich tone acoustically. Intonation is just that much off, however, that it might get to you.Looking at the guitar, you'll see an unusual thumb rest. A long bar, which looks cheap in person. Yep, it is...popped clear off on my second use. Some cheap adhesive plastic protective film, too. Also fell off with minimal assistance.Barring the unusual nut, the strings are stressed laterally from the nut to the machine. Machine placement on the headstock could be far better.Plastic pegs below the bridge hold the strings. They are supposed to, anyway. Hard to remove, hard to seat, and they move occasionally while tuning. It's a tricky fix to get it all correct and still not absolutely secure.Strap it on and it is noticeably neck-heavy with no playing balance. You'll fret and hold the neck up simultaneously.All in all, the body and neck are assembled well. Thin body walls, plastic-looking corners. The fretboard is flat having no radius. The neck widens a bit too much and the high octaves are hard to reach even with a cutout. Machines are solid, but cannot tell if there is movement because the other issue with the peg. Had to tune almost everytime regardless.The manual needs a new tech writer. The booklet covers several models so you also have to hunt for info.IMHO, this instrument does not match the price point they are seeking. There are few 5-string acoustic basses to choose from, none from the legacy brands. This one is going back, for the pickup issue and disillusionment of the broken body part. Otherwise, I can't live with the other bits either for this price.
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