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Whirlwind IMP2 Standard Direct Box

Whirlwind IMP2 Standard Direct Box

The Whirlwind IMP2 is a simple, standard, yet bulletproof DI box. Passive operation eliminates concerns about powering up on a crowded stage.

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Submitted April 4, 2016 by Regan White in Whitesboro, TX
"Whirlwind IMP2 DI Box"
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This device is exactly what you expect. If you need to connect a bass or guitar to a PA system and do not choose to mic the amp then this is exactly what you need. This is a passive DI meaning that it does not require an outside power source. It is not glamorous or exciting but it works perfectly for its prescribed task.
Musical Background:
I play lead guitar with a praise/Christian band. We are currently gigging throughout the state of Texas and parts of Oklahoma
Musical Style:
Christian, Bluegrass, Praise music, Country, Classic Rock
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Submitted April 22, 2008
"Great item for reducing hum!!!"
The one our church uses has held up for several years now.
This product does not effect the sound, but eliminates the hum caused by mis matched impedence connections.
I like the connection options and ground lift switch.
Ease of Use
Simple to use. Do your connections and get going. I connected a keyboard (hi-Z) to the mixer lo-Z input and had some hum. I picked up one of these and the hum disappeared with clean sound.
The one I use at our church has been hooked and unhooked many times and has held up well.
Very good for what it does. If you've got hum, this is what will elimate it. Works good for connecting hi-z equipment to your mixer or from your hi-z mixer output to a low-z amp input.
Manufacturer Support
never had to use any support.
The Wow Factor
I plan to get three or four for my own p.a. set up which I use in my sound buisness.
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