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Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2 Distortion Pedal

Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2 Distortion Pedal

Taking the powerful tone of the Wampler Pinnacle and adding a few key control features, the Pinnacle Deluxe is a great choice for gigging guitarists.

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Submitted December 7, 2015 by Paul A in McKinney, TN
"One of the best dist pedals"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Just realized I have had this pedal for like 4 yrs now which I find amazing considering I change out pedals every couple months, few hold ground. This one has remained as it is just a great sounding amp-like articulated gain voiced like a JCM 800. Bucking the usual trend I do not use mine to get the "brown EVH thing" but rather a great more Pagey tone on vintage mode 12:00 and 11:00 gain about 3:00. Every time I hit this pedal its tone is always great and just one you are not going to get tired using. Wampler makes great pedals and while I also have a Triple Wreck for massive gain that new Mesa is probably going to bump the Triple. But the Pinnacle Deluxe remains a constant.
Musical Background:
old school heavy fusion player 41 yrs playing this year and still busting the chops
Musical Style:
heavy fusion mix fm blues to metal, no country, no poppy stuff, not much of a copy artist I enjoy improv and creating new music
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Submitted April 16, 2012 by Gregg Giomi in Las Vegas, NV
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I've been an active musician/guitarist for nearly 30 years and I have owned and/or tried a ton of different equiptment over the years. WAMPLER products are second to None!!!! I own this pedal and the ecstasy drive, and WOW! I now have 3 gain stages that are transparent!!!! The pinnacle deluxe is awesome for medium gain to high gain. Not extreme gain, but thick heavy gain. Definitely great for the VH "brown sound" , but so much more! Serious classic rock tones!! Even Mettalica tones, if desired. The tone control on this pedal is seriously "active" Turned to the left,classic rock with Mid's, turn to the right, scooped Mid's . The classic/modern toggle is pretty cool as well. I love having the "boost" switch at my feet, so I can go from a nice "fat" rhythm tone (Black Crowes-ish) step on the boost and you've got "singing" VH lead tones!! I can't say enough about this pedal, Brian Wampler is a Genious!!! I currently run this in front of a Fender Deluxe '65 and it is SWEET!! WELL WORTH THE COST!!! especially with Zzounds payment plan!
Musical Background:
I've played guitar for nearly 30 years, professionally and at home
Musical Style:
Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Country, Christian
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Submitted October 13, 2013 by Dare McAdams in Wilmington, DE
"zzsounds requested review"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
wampler pinnacle? simply the perfect distortion go to pedal,can blend with any style of play, and as always the sound comes from the player , feel it and have fun!!!
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Submitted December 6, 2011 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Wampler Pinnacle lives up to its name"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
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I know many times it is said it's a keeper. I may indeed get different pedals at some point but nothing I have of Wampler is going to be replaced. The Pinnacle and the Ecstasy Overdrive are named accordingly as far as I am concerned. Simply the best drive I have ever had and the Pinnacle a most unique distortion fun box. Wampler's Overdrives are king and his high gain distortion models kill anything else.
Being a fan of Wampler Pedals I expected this pedal to sound great. That being said I found it to be a different sort of distortion pedal. Sounds much different than most pedals I have used. It is not extremely gainy but you can up the high range to the point of being way too much. Does the EVH brown sound thing most definitely. While not being as wash out gain as some pedals it has a lot of articulation and tonal issues most pedals don't. I find this pedal can generate a great sound on any amp, and I do many any.
Gave it a 9 here not because it does not have incredible tone circuits but no bass control. The pedal has a decent level of bass would be nice to have that option to bump it a little more. The tone control sounds best around mid give or take and serves to roll off the high end, The Contour does a mid cut function all the way clockwise you get the mid scoop tone, to left it opens the mids sounds good around mid. I find I like about 10:00 on both. Vintage to modern switch which boosts the high end presence. At first I though the Vintage might be too dark but that is where I end up using it on my board. Std. vol, large amount of gain vol in this pedal, tremendous out out range. Dist is usually full up on my use but I can see you could roll back and get more of an OD tone that would have some of this pedal's glorious tones. Boost switch gives you a bit more intensity and I usually keep mine on.
Ease of Use
Not really any bad tones in here. Treble can get too high if you crank the tone. Dist level is always useful and sounds great. Once you get the idea of the contour and treb ranges you are off and running.
Wampler makes great pedals, high end top shelf all the way. If Brian makes it I know it as good as it gets component wise and build.
While $200 or 220 might seem like a lot here. You do get a box of tone for your money. It is expensive these days to maintain a sense of manufacturing, supply, and shipping much less trying to maintain a supply of top shelf components in quantity. Brian is not going to ever make a $50 or less pedal, not sure how such a thing can be done. Wampler pedals are good looking with paint often metal flake and thick, Smooth controls and good switches. I know whenever I drop the money on a Wampler pedal it is going to deliver the tone.
Manufacturer Support
Seem like a nice group. Brian is a nice guy and has often commented to me on youtube and email personally. He will spend the time with the little guy as well as the name. One reason I like to promote his line, he tries and he cares and does not cop an attitude with you. Wampler will repair anything that might go bad. I cannot see that ever happening but freak things can occur.
The Wow Factor
Quite frankly I will not be satisfied until I have ever pedal Wampler makes. Some like my Ecstasy OD I would like to have 2 just for box spare.
Musical Background:
Guitar 35 years retired from gigging these days
Musical Style:
heavy fusion, metal, rock, blues
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